Transcripts by The Hon Christian Porter

ABC Radio National

E&OE Subjects: Ministry HAMISH MCDONALD: Taking on that legacy, of course, as Attorney-General, will be Christian Porter. Christian Porter, welcome to Breakfast and congratulations. CHRISTIAN PORTER: Thank you, Hamish. Good to be on your show. HAMISH MCDONALD: The big story… Continue reading

2GB – Summer Drive

E&OE MICHAEL MCLAREN: Now, there’s an element of musical chairs to all of this, I know, but for those that live and breathe politics, the elevation of Christian Porter is a welcome move. He has outstanding ability and he’s a… Continue reading

6PR – Drive

E&OE OLIVER PETERSON: But as you have heard today, the Federal Government, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a major Cabinet reshuffle. One of the biggest winners of the reshuffle is Christian Porter. Christian Porter will move from being… Continue reading

News Day – Sky News

E&OE SAMANTAHA MAIDEN:  Joining us now live, one of the winners out of this reshuffle, Christian Porter, who will move from Social Services and take on the portfolio of Attorney-General, joins us now in the studio. Good afternoon. Congratulations. MINISTER:… Continue reading

Doorstop Interview, Ministerial Reshuffle

E&OE MINISTER: Good afternoon everyone. If you perhaps have questions for me, rather me giving statements to you, so I’ll just let you go ahead. QUESTION: Congratulations firstly. What are your priorities going to be as Attorney-General? MINISTER: Well, obviously… Continue reading

ABC Radio Perth Mornings

E&OE Subjects: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse GEOFF HUTCHISON: There is a crucial question surrounding the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse that remains unanswered. The final report was delivered today. This is… Continue reading

ABC Radio Perth Drive

E&OE Subjects: WA NDIS JAMIE BURNETT: Christian Porter is the Federal Minister for Social Services. He’s been patiently waiting and listening. Mr Porter, good afternoon to you. CHRISTIAN PORTER: Good afternoon to you as well. JAMIE BURNETT: Yeah, what do… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE Subjects: NDIS; Redress, Dastyari DAVID SPEERS: Big news from the west today on a long-running standoff over Western Australia’s participation in the NDIS – the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The Labor Government there under Mark McGowan has now signed… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE SAMANTHA MAIDEN: Christian Porter, you wanted to fight for greater religious protections in this same-sex marriage bill. Are you disappointed that it was passed by the House of Representatives unamended? CHRISTIAN PORTER: Hi, Sam. I’m out here with John… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE PETA CREDLIN: Welcome back to Credlin. Joining me on the show tonight is Social Services Minister Christian Porter. He’s been pushing for a simpler, fairer welfare system which reins in costs, but also cracks down on those taking advantage… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE Subject: Citizenship; Welfare Reform Bill KIERAN GILBERT: Joining me now is Liberal frontbencher, Christian Porter. Minister, thanks so much for your time. If we get to this issue of citizenship first of all; the Labor Party maintains via Tony… Continue reading


E&OE Subjects: Citizenship, Welfare reform CHRIS SMITH: The citizenship circus continues in the national capital. What a farce this has become. As I said at the start of the program, the talk is that up to 19 MPs could be… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: With me now is one Cabinet minister, not responsible for the banks, but the Social Services Minister Christian Porter who gave a speech today at the National Press Club talking about where the Government has actually been… Continue reading

National Press Club Q and A

E&OE Subjects: Welfare; NDIS CHRIS UHLMANN: We will go straight to our questions from the floor. We’ll begin with Australian Associated Press. QUESTION: Minister, thank you for your speech. Daniel McCulloch at Australian Associated Press. I wanted to ask about… Continue reading

ABC TV News Breakfast

E&OE Subjects: Young parents; parliamentary sittings VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Now let’s return to those new figures out this morning showing there’s been a fall in the number of teenage parents claiming welfare. What does it mean? Joining us now from Canberra… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE SAMANTHA MAIDEN: Well, let’s ask the Social Services Minister Christian Porter, who joins us. He’s on his way back to Perth, but he’s kindly agreed to come into Sky News and have a quick chat to us first. Christian,… Continue reading


E&OE Subjects: Drug testing welfare recipients BEN FORDHAM: A vast majority of Australian voters support the Federal Government’s move to drug test welfare recipients. Three out of four voters are in favour of trials to drug test welfare recipients. This… Continue reading

6PR Perth – Redress, AWU

E&OE Subjects: Redress, AWU GARETH PARKER: First today, the victims of abuse in institutional care will, we hope, soon have access to a national scheme of redress. Perhaps nothing can ever truly compensate someone for the consequences of gross breaches… Continue reading

ABC Radio Perth – Redress

E&OE Subjects: Redress GEOFF HUTCHISON: So there needs to be quite a bit of explanation about what this redress scheme will be, how they come to the amount of $150,000, why some people are precluded and this point – that… Continue reading

ABC Radio National – Redress, Minister Cash

E&OE Subjects: Redress, Minister Cash SABRA LANE: After years of lobbying and a historic royal commission into child sexual abuse, the Federal Government is today unveiling new details on how its compensation scheme for victims will work. It’ll enable payments… Continue reading

Sky News – Minister Cash, Redress

E&OE Subjects: Minister Cash; Redress KIERAN GILBERT: The Minister for Social Services Christian Porter joins me now. Minister, thanks very much for your time. Under the Westminster tradition of our Parliament, our Government, Michaelia Cash has to step down, doesn’t… Continue reading

ABC News Breakfast – Redress, Minister Cash

E&OE Subjects: Redress; Minister Cash VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Legislation is set to be introduced today to establish a Commonwealth redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Social Services Minister Christian Porter wants states and territories to also adopt the… Continue reading

Welfare spending; welfare reform; Cabinet positions

E&OE Subjects: Welfare spending; welfare reform; Cabinet positions SAMANTHA MAIDEN: We’re going to take you live though now to a discussion with the Social Service Minister, Christian Porter, who joins us in Canberra. Thanks for coming in. I’ve just been… Continue reading

Welfare Spending and Welfare Reform Bill

E&OE Subjects: Welfare Spending and Welfare Reform Bill QUESTION: Well $300, 000 every minute spent on welfare. Is that too much? MINISTER PORTER: The human cost of welfare is people who aren’t in employment. So our Government has been talking… Continue reading