Speeches by The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Address to the National Complex Needs Alliance

***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Good morning and thank you for your kind invitation to speak here today. Building a strong and prosperous community As many of you will know, I have a longstanding personal and professional interest in how we can… Continue reading

Address to the National Homelessness Conference

*** CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Thank you Pauline for that kind introduction and for the work you do as Chair of Homelessness Australia. To my friend and colleague, the Hon Tim Mander MP, Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works; Tom… Continue reading

Launch of Homeless Persons’ Week 2014

*** CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Thank you, Glenda, for that generous introduction. And thank you to Caroline for the Welcome to Country, and Reverend Holland and Sheri Brounhout for giving me a tour of the Melbourne City Mission and showing me… Continue reading

Address to the Melbourne Institute

***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Thank you very much Patricia, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a great privilege to be here at this importance conference again this year. I would like to place my comments this afternoon in the context of work. Work… Continue reading

Address to the Sydney Institute

***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** Thank you ladies and gentlemen. A child fidgets aimlessly in a classroom, his mind wandering off to other interests. He can hardly read, and just write. He has missed two days of school this week. He arrived… Continue reading

The art of associating together

Thank you Dr Goldie for your kind introduction to the Civil Society 20 or C20, as it is commonly known. I was reflecting on your words of introduction then and I was reflecting on the apparently warm reception that my… Continue reading