Transcripts by The Hon Christian Porter

Productivity Report Review of NDIS Costs

E&OE Subjects: Productivity Report Review of NDIS Costs ANDREW PROBYN: Minister, let’s look at the ambition of the NDIS. It’s meant to have 475,000 people on its books by 2019-20. The Productivity Commission notes that the scale, pace and nature… Continue reading


E&OE PRESENTER: Now, the No Jab, No Pay immunisation policy is being altered, with new legislation being introduced today. MICHAEL ROWLAND: Yes, under the changes, parents’ tax benefits will be reduced each fortnight, rather than the present system that withholds… Continue reading

No Jab, No Pay; Cashless Welfare Card; Redress

E&OE SABRA LANE: The Federal Government is strengthening its No Jab, No Pay rules. Today, it’s introducing a Bill into Parliament to deduct family payments every fortnight, to remind parents to have their kids vaccinated. That’s a change in the… Continue reading

No Jab, No Pay, Medicare Doctors’ visits

E&OE DAVID KOCH: The Turnbull Government is taking stronger action to encourage parents to vaccinate their children. Welfare payments will now be cut by $28 a fortnight for each child who doesn’t meet immunisation requirements instead of taking a lump… Continue reading

No Jab No Pay

E&OE Subjects: No Jab, No Pay PRESENTER: Thousands more parents across Australia will be denied Centrelink payments if they refuse to immunise their children. Minister for Social Services Christian Porter joins us now from Canberra. Minister, good morning to you.… Continue reading

No Jab, No Pay; Energy policy

E&OE Subjects: No Jab, No Pay; Energy policy KIERAN GILBERT: First though, the Government ramping up its No Jab, No Pay policy, with new laws to dock welfare payments by $28 a fortnight for parents whose children don’t meet the… Continue reading

Bankstown Press Conference – Drug Testing Trial

E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing; cashless debit card; MINISTER PORTER: I’m here with the Human Services Minister and David Coleman, the Member for Banks, and we’re announcing the Canterbury-Bankstown region as the first area selected to be the first of what… Continue reading

ABC News Breakfast

E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing; Citizenship; Australia Day MICHAEL ROWLAND: Now, as we’ve been reporting this morning, the Federal Government is today announcing the trial sites for its plan to drug test welfare recipients. VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Social Services Minister, Christian Porter,… Continue reading


E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing NATALIE BARR: The Federal Government will target Western Sydney with its plan to drug test new job seekers. The random drug test program was announced in the May Budget for 5000 new job hunters. If they… Continue reading

Sky News – AM Agenda

E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing KIERAN GILBERT: Welfare recipients in Sydney’s southwest could be randomly tested for drugs from the start of next year; the Turnbull Government is poised to announce Canterbury-Bankstown as the first of three locations for a controversial… Continue reading

ABC – 7.30

E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing LEIGH SALES: The first of three locations for a controversial trial to drug test welfare recipients was announced today in Western Sydney. The Federal Government plan will put people who test positive for drugs onto an… Continue reading


E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing; Citizenship. SABRA LANE: The Canterbury Bankstown area, in south-western Sydney, has been chosen as the first location for the Federal Government’s random drug testing trial of welfare recipients. It was announced in the May Budget that… Continue reading

2GB – The Alan Jones Breakfast Show

E&OE Subjects: Drug Testing Trial ALAN JONES: Well, Christian Porter is a West Australian Cabinet Minister and he’s the Social Services Minister. Today, he’ll go a step further. This bloke has ability. He served in the West Australian Parliament from… Continue reading

The Today Show

E&OE Subjects: North Korea; Drug Testing KARL STEFANOVIC: Let’s get a reaction to that now. Government Minister, Christian Porter, joins us. Good morning to you, Christian. MINISTER PORTER: Good morning Karl. KARL STEFANOVIC: Okay, should we all be worried? MINISTER… Continue reading

2GB – The Ray Hadley Morning Show

E&OE Subjects: Citizenship; NDIS; Cashless Welfare Card RAY HADLEY: Well, it’s a bit of a mine field – the National Insurance Disability Scheme – and there’s all sorts of arguments about how it’s going to be funded, which we won’t… Continue reading

Radio interview, ABC AM

E&OE SABRA LANE: The Government will introduce a suite of bills into parliament today, reflecting a number of major welfare changes announced in the May budget, including simplifying seven working age payments into a one payment, a drug testing trial… Continue reading

6PR – mornings with Gareth Parker

E&OE GARETH PARKER: Christian Porter, the federal Social Services Minister is my guest – we’re talking the NDIS. Christian, good morning to you. MINISTER PORTER: Good morning Gareth. GARETH PARKER: I believe you were listening in to what Stephen Dawson… Continue reading

Mornings with Ray Hadley – 2GB

E&OE RAY HADLEY: Minister, good morning. MINISTER PORTER: G’day Ray, how are you? RAY HADLEY: Not bad. Look, we’ve got all these problems – you’ve got the Productivity Commission coming out yesterday saying that, as specified in the bilateral agreements… Continue reading

Radio interview, 6PR

E&OE Subjects: NDIS/Budget GARETH PARKER: Good morning to you Christian. MINISTER PORTER: Morning Gareth. GARETH PARKER: I just want to play you a bit of this interview that I did with Andrew Thompson this morning. Andrew, for the past 17… Continue reading

Radio interview, NDIS

E&OE RAY HADLEY: I spoke in great detail yesterday about the potential for the NDIS to be exploited. Now, the $22 billion National Insurance Disability Scheme was introduced by the Labor-Gillard Government back in 2012. By the time it’s finished… Continue reading

Doorstop interview, NDIS

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: Thanks everyone for being here this morning. I just wanted to make a few comments about the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We have – over the next five weeks – four sitting weeks of parliament, and they… Continue reading

Welfare measures laid out in the Federal Budget

EMMA ALBERICI: Christian Porter is the Federal Minister for Social Services and he joins me now from Canberra. Christian Porter, many thanks for your time. CHRISTIAN PORTER: Pleasure. EMMA ALBERICI: Bill Shorten’s spot on, isn’t he, when he says this… Continue reading