Transcripts by The Hon Alan Tudge MP

ABC 774 Melbourne

E&OE. JON FAINE: Alan Tudge, good morning to you. ALAN TUDGE: Good morning Jon JON FAINE: Congratulations. Have you got a Rolex? ALAN TUDGE: I don’t have a Rolex, no Jon. JON FAINE: Anyone ever offered you a Rolex? ALAN… Continue reading

Sky News Karvelas

E&OE. PATRICIA KARVELAS: My first guest tonight is one of the big winners in this reshuffle. Alan Tudge moves from an Assistant Minister role to Minister for Human Services. Congratulations. ALAN TUDGE: Thank you PK. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Does this satisfy… Continue reading

Sky News – the latest with Laura Jayes

E&OE LAURA JAYES: Thanks very much for joining us once again on The Latest. Let’s start with the Closing the Gap and we’ll get to broader indigenous issues as well. This has been criticised today as something that perhaps needs… Continue reading

3AW Melbourne with Tom Elliott

E&OE… TOM ELLIOTT: I’ve drawn a fairly long bow here as you may have just heard. Firstly, the Closing the Gap report that you have been working on, what does it conclude? ALAN TUDGE: It was tabled today. It is… Continue reading

Sky – AM Agenda

E&OE. KIERAN GILBERT: There has been described as a bit of unrest in the Liberal Party, a bit of a revolt on the tax issue. Is this healthy debate or is it all getting a bit messy? ALAN TUDGE: I… Continue reading

Sky News – PVO Newshour

E&OE. ALAN TUDGE: G’day Peter. PETER VAN ONSELEN: We might be rudely interrupted at some stage sooner, rather than later by Bill Shorten with his massive funding announcement around schools and education. If that happens, I hope we can keep… Continue reading

Sky News – The Latest with Laura Jayes

LAURA JAYES: Alan Tudge, thanks so much for your time. ALAN TUDGE: G’day Laura. LAURA JAYES: It was interesting to see today some of the headlines that came out of this speech from Noel Pearson that he lamented the fact… Continue reading

ABC Melbourne “Fight Club”

E&OE… RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Here in the studio, the ALP member for the seat of Hotham, Clare O’Neil. Clare, thank you for coming in. CLARE O’NEIL: It is great to be here Raf and happy new year to you and your… Continue reading

Sky News AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert

E&OE. KIERAN GILBERT: I’m interested in your thoughts on Stephen Conroy’s comments in his opinion piece in The Australian today about freedom of navigation, that Malcolm Turnbull’s strong on rhetoric but not so strong on action. What do you make… Continue reading

ABC Darwin interview With Adam Steer

E&OE. ADAM STEER: Good morning to you Minister. ALAN TUDGE: Good morning Adam. ADAM STEER: The Basics Card in the Northern Territory quarantines around 50 per cent of a person’s payment. Why is your new system upping that to 80… Continue reading

Sky News, The Latest with Laura Jayes

E&OE. LAURA JAYES: Assistant Minister thanks so much for your time. ALAN TUDGE: Hi there Laura. LAURA JAYES: First of all are you looking at this trial with a view to be rolling this out Australia-wide after the election? ALAN… Continue reading

2GB Sydney with Warren Moore

E&OE. WARREN MOORE: The Assistant Minister for Social Services is Alan Tudge who is overseeing the roll out of the card. He’s on the line right now. Thanks for your time ALAN TUDGE: G’day, how’s it going? WARREN MOORE: Good,… Continue reading

Joint Doorstop with Rick Wilson MP

E&OE… JOURNALIST: Mr Tudge, can you just tell us what you are doing here in Leonora today? ALAN TUDGE: I came here at the invitation of Rick, to speak with some of the community leaders here from Leonora and Laverton… Continue reading

ABC Fight Club with Raphael Epstein

E&OE RAF EPSTEIN: Leader of the party and the country for six years and what do you get remembered for? A terrible rendition of Suspicious Minds. That is Tony Abbott, the former Prime Minister at the National’s Christmas drinks this… Continue reading

Sky News, The Dalley Edition

E&OE HELEN DALLEY: Another tranche of the anti-terror legislation, the national security legislation, which strips dual nationals of their Australian citizenship. Will that be passed this week with Labor’s support? ALAN TUDGE: It will be. This is a very important… Continue reading

Doorstop interview

E&OE ALAN TUDGE: I’m very pleased to be here joined by my federal colleague Melissa Price as well as Terry Redman, the State Minister and some of the Indigenous leaders including Jean here from Wyndham. Today we’re announcing that Kununurra… Continue reading

Interview with John McGlue

E&OE JOHN MCGLUE: When does it start and what does it mean for the people of Kununurra and Wyndham who receive welfare payments right now? ALAN TUDGE: This is due to start next March or April and what it will… Continue reading

Sky News PVO Newshour

E&OE… ALAN TUDGE: G’day Peter. PETER VAN ONSELEN: I’ve got to ask you about something. The last time we spoke you gave a passionate defence of your fellow Victorian, Malcolm Fraser, and the traditional position of the Liberal Party about… Continue reading

Hack Triple J with Tom Tilley

E&OE… TOM TILLEY: Alan Tudge, long time no speak. Thank you for joining us again. ALAN TUDGE: G’Day Tom, great to be with you. TOM TILLEY: Could all these countries be wrong, or is it more likely that we need… Continue reading

PVO Newsday with Peter Van Onselen

E&OE PETER VAN ONSELEN: I am joined now in Melbourne by the Assistant Social Services Minister Alan Tudge. Thanks very much for being there. ALAN TUDGE: G’day Peter. PETER VAN ONSELEN: What is going on with the GST? I mean,… Continue reading

ABC NewsRadio interview with Marius Benson

E&OE MARIUS BENSON: Alan Tudge, good morning. ALAN TUDGE: Good morning Marius. MARIUS BENSON: It’s not a new point being made by ACOSS but it’s got new research from NATSEM backing it up that if you increase a consumption tax… Continue reading

Sky AM Agenda with David Lipson

E&OE DAVID LIPSON: Alan Tudge, I know you’ve been working very hard on the welfare card for indigenous communities, just trialling this card. How are the planning stages going? When will we see this rolled out and are there any… Continue reading