Transcripts by The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

ABC 936 Hobart with Ryk Goddard

E&OE…………………………………… RYK GODDARD: Last week we heard about a relationship between the Government that didn’t seem to be working to anyone’s benefit. This was Julia Fasina, a mum whose daughter was competing overseas. She is also studying at a tertiary… Continue reading

2GB with Ray Hadley

E&OE……………………… RAY HADLEY: Despite spending long periods overseas, lying about having cancer and faking his father’s death, 54 year old Ali Mahmood started receiving welfare in 2003 after arriving in Australia on a humanitarian visa from Iraq. He then spent… Continue reading

ABC NewsRadio with Marius Benson

E&OE…………………………… SANDY ALOISI: Well the Prime Minister moved to hit the reset button for his government on Monday to set a new direction after what he described as a ragged week for the Coalition. But the two days since have… Continue reading

Sky Viewpoint with Chris Kenny

E&OE CHRIS KENNY: First up I want to talk about the fallout from the Victorian election and the ongoing problems that tough few weeks, well few months really, since the budget that the Federal Government has, the Abbott Coalition, the… Continue reading

3AW DRIVE with Tom Elliott

E&OE TOM ELLIOTT: Earlier on in the program I mentioned the day that my daughter came home, almost five years ago from the hospital after being born and it was quite terrifying. I had one lesson on changing a nappy;… Continue reading

The World Today – ABC

E&OE……………………………… NICK GRIMM: The Federal Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews says the Government will need to spend at least a billion dollars to rebuild the “antiquated” computer system underpinning welfare payments. Mr Andrews says substantial welfare reform will take… Continue reading

ABC NewsRadio

E&OE SANDY ALOISI: (Inaudible) a review of pension recipients aged under 35 has found that 5000 people now receiving the DSP are able to work, at least 8 hours a week. For more on the impact of the pension review… Continue reading

5AA Mornings with Leon Byner

E&OE LEON BYNER: Well as you know the Federal Government put through a Federal Budget, most of which has gone through. But some of the controversial bits are sticking points and the Senate have said look we’re not going to… Continue reading

ABC 774 Drive with Patricia Karvelas

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: Now while the nation’s eyes are on the terror laws, the Abbott Government has listed two social security budget bills for debate in the Senate this week. The measures include changes to the Family Tax Benefit primary… Continue reading

Sky PM Agenda with David Speers

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: Minister thanks for your time. Firstly on the work for the dole changes the government is seeking, are you having much success with the crossbench in seeking winning approval on this? MINISTER ANDREWS: We’ve just started some… Continue reading

ABC Capital Hill – with Greg Jennett

E&OE GREG JENNETT: Minister you are at the sharp end of what a lot of people would call the budget nasties, just how much engagement are you having with crossbench Senators this week? MINISTER ANDREWS: We’ve begun some preliminary discussions… Continue reading

ABC NewsRadio with Marius Benson

E&OE SANDY ALOISI: Federal Politicians are back in Canberra this week after the five week winter break with the Budget battle set to enter a new phase. As the Government battles to win support on the Senate crossbench, Cabinet Ministers… Continue reading

2UE with Tim Webster

E&OE TIM WEBSTER: Well on Sky News this morning we watched them go and on what looked like a pretty chilly morning in Moree, this is the 1000km Pollie Pedal ride and they’re going from Moree to Penrith in Western… Continue reading

Sky News

E&OE REPORTER: Tim good morning to you and good morning to Minister Kevin Andrews. MINISTER ANDREWS: Morning. REPORTER: First of all just explain to us why Moree has been chosen as the starting point for Pollie Pedal 2014? MINISTER ANDREWS:… Continue reading

ABC Radio National

E&OE NATASHA MITCHELL: First up this morning, a Federal Minister with a lot on his plate right now. The Minister for Social Services, Kevin, Andrews, has initiated a very substantial review of course of Australia’s welfare system. The interim report… Continue reading

ABC NewsRadio

E&OE SANDY ALOISI: (Inaudible) but today attention will be in another area of government change with the first roundtable gathering to consider the review of the welfare system conducted by Patrick McClure. The review provides the basis for what are… Continue reading

ABC Radio National Drive

E&OE WALEED ALY: One of the Cabinet Ministers… who has several measures of his own in the Budget is Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews and he’s been good enough to join me. Thanks for coming in. MINISTER ANDREWS: Pleasure Waleed.… Continue reading

ABC 774, Drive

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: Mr Andrews welcome to the program. MINISTER ANDREWS: Thank you Patricia. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Last week I heard a speech by Treasurer Joe Hockey in Melbourne and he said in that speech that people don’t want the Government… Continue reading

Sky News – Richo Program

E&OE GRAHAM RICHARDSON: And thanks for staying with us here on Richo. In, I’m not sure, it’s from our Melbourne Studio I think is Kevin Andrews, is that right Kevin? MINISTER ANDREWS: Yes I am Richo. GRAHAM RICHARDSON: (Inaudible), they… Continue reading

ABC 24, Capital Hill

E&OE MARK SIMKIN: Well, six weeks of consultation have now begun. The Social Services Minister is obviously attracted to many of the interim recommendations. He joined me a short time ago. Kevin Andrews, thanks for joining us. In recent days… Continue reading

ABC 7:30 with Sarah Ferguson

E & OE SARAH FERGUSON: Australia’s $100 billion welfare system is facing its most significant overhaul in 15 years. In its first interim Report the Government’s McClure Review has recommended streamlining payments and moving thousands of people from so called… Continue reading


E&OE CHRIS UHLMANN: Kevin Andrews is the Social Services Minister. Kevin Andrews, how many people do you believe are on disability pensions that shouldn’t be getting them? MINISTER ANDREWS: Well everybody who’s currently on the disability pension by definition should… Continue reading