Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Paid Parental Leave, DisabilityCare Australia

E & OE – Proof only JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks everyone for joining us here today. Labor is very pleased that our Paid Parental Leave scheme has delivered improvements and access to Paid Parental Leave for around 300,000 Australian families. And… Continue reading

DisabilityCare Australia

E & OE – Proof only GEOFF HUTCHISON: Jenny Macklin carries the federal responsibility for DisabilityCare and she joins me in the studio this morning. Good morning to you. JENNY MACKLIN: Glad to be here. GEOFF HUTCHISON: You will I… Continue reading

Transcript of Interview, ABC News Breakfast

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Minister good morning to you. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning, great to be here. MICHAEL ROWLAND: Now Jenny Macklin, what are you hoping to achieve from these trials? JENNY MACKLIN: This is all about the start of DisabilityCare in… Continue reading

Transcript of Interview, ABC Radio National

FRAN KELLY: Jenny Macklin joins us from Newcastle in the Hunter. That’s where the New South Wales launch site is. Minister, good morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning, Fran. FRAN KELLY: You’ve fought for DisabilityCare for a long time. What does… Continue reading

High Court decision – Doorstop, Canberra

E & OE – Proof only Subject: High Court decision, Australian Labor Party JOURNALIST: The High Court has just thrown out a case involving alcohol and the Racial Discrimination Act. Can I just get your reaction? JENNY MACKLIN: Well we’ve… Continue reading

Transcript of interview, ABC Hobart with Leon Compton

Subject: DisabilityCare Australia; gender issues LEON COMPTON: Jenny Macklin is the Minister for Disability Reform. Jenny Macklin, good morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning, Leon. LEON COMPTON: And thank you for talking with us this morning. Do you accept that some… Continue reading

Transcript of Interview, ABC 24 with Lyndal Curtis

Subject: offensive menu at Liberal fundraiser; gender issues LYNDAL CURTIS: Jenny Macklin, welcome to ABC News 24. JENNY MACKLIN: Thank you Lyndal. LYNDAL CURTIS: Now we’ve heard today about the now infamous menu at a Coalition fundraiser for candidate Mal… Continue reading

Transcript of doorstop, Canberra

Subject: New closing the gap target, better schools, polling, Tony Abbott’s cuts to the bone JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone for joining us here today. If I can first of all say a very, very big thank you to… Continue reading

DisabilityCare Australia, Doorstop, Townsville

Subject: DisabilityCare Australia JENNY MACKLIN: First of all I’d like to thank everybody at the Cerebral Palsy League here in Townsville for having us, and for all the wonderful work they do supporting families and children with cerebral palsy. They’ve… Continue reading

Joint Doorstop Interview

E & O E – PROOF ONLY Subjects: DisabilityCare Australia; National Plan for School Improvement; Live animal exports; Federal election; Asylum seekers; Great Barrier Reef; CCTV; Victorian taxi dispute PM: I’m delighted to be here in Victoria. I’m joined by… Continue reading

Sky News, PM Agenda, David Speers

DAVID SPEERS: As we mentioned a little earlier, it now does look a lot more likely that a levy will be introduced to help fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme which both sides of politics support. Tony Abbott today has… Continue reading

Radio National, Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E & OE – Proof onlySubject: DisabilityCare Australia FRAN KELLY: Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin says increasing the Medicare levy to two per cent will ensure a strong and stable funding stream for DisabilityCare. I spoke with the Minister earlier… Continue reading

6PR, Perth, Drive with Howard Sattler

E & OE – Proof only Subject: DisabilityCare Australia HOWARD SATTLER: Jenny Macklin joins us, Disability’s Reform Minister. Hi, Jenny. JENNY MACKLIN: Hello, Howard. HOWARD SATTLER: Forgive the voice, sorry about that. JENNY MACKLIN: [Laughs] that’s okay. HOWARD SATTLER: It’s… Continue reading