Speeches by Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne

Forty years ago the United States welcomed its first Catholic President. The President and his First Lady were young, rich and beautiful. To many it seemed Camelot had come to Washington. He made inspiring speeches. There were many that moved… Continue reading

National Homelessness Conference Opening, Brisbane

Thank you Narelle Clay for your kind introduction. I am pleased to be here with you in Brisbane to officially open the third National Homelessness Conference. This conference has brought together a broad cross-section of delegates from the community and… Continue reading

The Third Way

The Third Way is a catchy title with very uncertain content. PJ O’Rourke perhaps summed it up best: “A sort of clarion call to whatever.’ Amitai Etzioni has described the Third way as ‘fuzzy at the edges, not fully etched’.… Continue reading

100 Years of the Public Service

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s National Press Club Telstra address. We are very pleased to have Amanda Vanstone back today. This year of the Centenary of Federation, of course, brings quite a number of other Centenaries in its wake.… Continue reading