Transcripts by The Hon Christian Porter

The Future of Disability Employment

E&OE GARETH PARKER: Christian Porter is the Social Services Minister and he joins me on the line, as he does most Thursdays. Christian Porter, good morning to you. MINISTER PORTER: Gareth, good morning to you too. GARETH PARKER: We’re told… Continue reading

Racial discrimination law changes

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: The Nick Xenophon Team doesn’t want to vote for your racial discrimination law changes, that means it’s dead in the water. MINISTER PORTER: They haven’t even read the legislation yet. I mean, I have seen their press… Continue reading

To The Point

E&OE PETER VAN ONSELEN: Live from Parliament, thanks so much for your company. MINISTER PORTER: Good afternoon to you both. PETER VAN ONSELEN: This 18C change, let’s go to that first and then we can get to the Omnibus Bill… Continue reading

6PR Morning Program with Gareth Parker

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: Good Morning Gareth GARETH PARKER: The election went well. MINISTER PORTER: Yes, it was a resounding loss, and I would just like to congratulate Mark McGowan, of course, on what was alternatively a resounding victory and I… Continue reading

PM Agenda, Sky News

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: Christian Porter, a very good afternoon to you. MINISTER PORTER: Welcome to WA. DAVID SPEERS: Lovely to be here, thank you for having us. You probably do get sick of the ‘what if’ hypothetical type of questions… Continue reading

ABC Radio Sunshine Coast

E&OE ANNIE GAFFNEY: Two days ago we spoke with Natalie Lang from the Australian Services Union about a campaign the union is running called ‘No Profit From Rape’. The campaign, while it has a confronting name is all about investigating… Continue reading

6PR Morning Program with Gareth Parker

E&OE GARETH PARKER: … where are you up to in terms of negotiations on this Omnibus Bill with the Senate crossbench? MINISTER PORTER: Well Gareth, there’s a big job of work to do from here. We’ve got a million Australians… Continue reading

6PR Morning Program with Gareth Parker

E&OE GARETH PARKER: Ok. Thank you for bringing that update to our listeners this morning. Now, there’s a story on the front page of The Australian newspaper today under the headline ‘Hanson to Reject Omnibus Bill’. Now this is your… Continue reading

Doorstop interview

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: Nick Xenophon has indicated this morning that he’s not inclined to support it in its present form. He’s also indicated that there are some of the savings in the Bill that he can support, now it doesn’t… Continue reading

Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E&OE FRAN KELLY: As we heard earlier on the program, the Federal Government’s massive Omnibus Savings Bill has been delivered a fatal blow with the Nick Xenophon Team announcing it will vote against the package in the Senate. With the… Continue reading

Joint Press Conference

E&OE TREASURER: On Thursday night in Sydney, the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr Lowe gave a very prescient speech to a group of investors who represented some $17 trillion in funds under management. He made a series of points… Continue reading

ABC Melbourne Drive with Rafael Epstein

E&OE RAFAEL EPSTEIN: You might have heard of the Omnibus Bill. The Federal Government has a range of changes. It has to do with child care, some Newstart arrangements, some Family Tax Benefit supplements. They want that Bill to go… Continue reading

6PR Morning Program with Gareth Parker

E&OE GARETH PARKER: … Appreciate that you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment in terms of your own portfolio area. The government is proposing to make some big changes to child care, paid parental leave and the… Continue reading

Omnibus Savings

E&OE PRIME MINISTER: Well good morning. I’ll have to leave you in 13 minutes, but I’m here with Christian and Birmo and you’ve seen how important the child care reforms are for Australian families. Removing the $7,500 cap, so significant.… Continue reading

Omnibus Savings and Childcare Reform Bill 2017

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: … unsurprisingly I’m very keen to talk about the Government’s child care reforms. Labor has placed Australians in a position where they could conceivably prevent one million Australian families from benefitting from more accessible and affordable child… Continue reading

Radio National Drive with Patricia Karvelas

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: 1.5 million people will get less money under changes to Family Tax Benefits being proposed by the Turnbull Government. They say the savings from the changes will go into funding more affordable child care. Now this reform… Continue reading

Omnibus Savings and Childcare Reform Bill 2017

E&OE SABRA LANE: The Federal Government, today, is unveiling a major reworking of its policy to cut family benefits payments and end, so-called double dipping, of its paid parental leave scheme, in order to win Senate support for it. Previous… Continue reading

Centrelink Debt Recovery 2GB

E&OE CHRIS SMITH: I want to return right now to the growing issue of welfare rorting in Australia. Some of the figures on this subject are rather staggering, but the Federal Government is now vowing to extend its program to… Continue reading

Centrelink Debt

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: … recovery system inside Centrelink, we have the first results available from that system. And they do show that we have had a very solid success in recouping monies owed to the taxpayer. The exact nature of… Continue reading

Changes to the Pension Asset Test

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: …An opportunity through the traditional media to get facts in front of people about changes that will occur on 1 January, and one of those areas of change is with respect to the Age Pension. Very unfortunately,… Continue reading

ABC Lateline with David Lipson

E&OE DAVID LIPSON: Fifteen months since the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse recommended a national scheme of compensation, today survivors learned they will be entitled to up to $150,000 each. But the money set aside by the Federal… Continue reading

Press conference, National Redress Scheme

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: I just want to start by saying that the work that preceded this announcement has been a joint project. The Prime Minister’s office and department, my office and department and that of the Attorney-General. I might make… Continue reading

Sky News PM Agenda with Laura Jayes

E&OE Subjects: Paid Parental Leave LAURA JAYES: Now turning to your portfolio, what is the purpose of the reforms you’re persisting with? Because it was politically difficult when Joe Hockey was the Treasurer, to clamp down on these so-called ‘double-dippers’,… Continue reading

2GB Money News with Ross Greenwood

E&OE Subjects: Resignation of Solicitor General; Paid Parental Leave ROSS GREENWOOD: If my memory serves me correctly, you’re not only a former state treasurer but you’re also a former state attorney-general, is that correct? MINISTER PORTER: That’s correct. So you’re… Continue reading