Transcripts by The Hon Christian Porter

Sky News To the Point

E&OE KRISTINA KENEALLY: It’s White Ribbon Day and we are about to speak to the Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter. PETER VAN ONSELEN: A lot to talk about, because not just in that space, but also, a really interesting… Continue reading

ABC News 24 with Jane Norman

E&OE. JANE NORMAN: Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services and released the report on domestic violence alongside the Prime Minister this morning. He joined me in the studio a short time ago. Well, Christian Porter, welcome to the… Continue reading

ABC RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E&OE FRAN KELLY: Some new research shows that while the overwhelming majority of Australians abhors violence towards women and children, too many of us are learning from a very early age to excuse disrespectful or aggressive behaviour by men. Social… Continue reading

2UE Interview with Justin Smith

JUSTIN SMITH: The controversial No Jab, No Pay laws have now passed through both houses of Parliament. Social Services Minister, Christian Porter is on the line. Hi Minister. MINISTER PORTER: Justin, how are you? JUSTIN SMITH: I’m good, thank you… Continue reading

ABC RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E&OE FRAN KELLY: The first family of Syrian refugees granted visas, a part of Australia’s additional 12,000 person intake, is due to arrive in Perth today. The family of five, a couple and three children, will be met by representatives… Continue reading

Press Conference

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: The reason I am with you today is to alert that the first family of Syrian refugees – that is, the additional intake of 12,000 – will be arriving in Perth inside the next 24 hours. Obviously,… Continue reading

2UE Mornings with Stuart Bocking

STUART BOCKING: Well, some new modelling done in terms of what’s been described as the nation’s ticking welfare bomb. Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services and I am pleased to say is on the line. Minister, good morning.… Continue reading

2GB Ray Hadley

RAY HADLEY: There’s a story in News Limited papers today that should have us all concerned. Apparently, the annual cost of payments including Centrelink and Medicare will balloon over the next decade to $277 billion a year. It currently stands… Continue reading

Sky News with Chris Kenny

E&OE CHRIS KENNY: Lots on the news agenda today to take up with the Social Services Minister Christian Porter. He joins us live now from Perth. Thanks for joining Viewpoint, Christian. MINISTER PORTER: Pleasure, Chris. CHRIS KENNY: Look I want… Continue reading

Sky News – PVO Newsday

E&OE PETER VAN ONSELEN: Christian Porter, how are you going to sell tough medicine in your portfolio area? Because, at the end of the day – as I think you have already said and certainly the Prime Minister has said… Continue reading

Channel Ten – The Project

E&OE PRESENTER: Now let’s talk through the Government’s proposed welfare changes. We’re speaking with Australia’s new Social Services Minister, Christian Porter. Christian, Joe Hockey said goodbye today, what’s the mood like in the Parliament when such a long-serving pollie checks… Continue reading

ABC RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: The Federal Government has reworked its unpopular cuts to Family Tax Benefits, which were a centrepiece of the 2014 Budget. Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services and joins us now. Thanks for joining us, Minister.… Continue reading

Sky News PM Agenda with David Speers

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: The Government, we know, wants to reign in budget spending. Its first attempt at reigning in the welfare part of the Budget hit a brick wall in the Senate. Today it’s produced a new look reform package… Continue reading

ABC News 24 with Greg Jennett

GREG JENNETT: Well we saw him there, the Social Services Minister is Christian Porter and he joins us now in our studio. Welcome Minister. Now you were asked in that media conference how many would be worse off as a… Continue reading

2GB – The Alan Jones Breakfast Show

E&OE ALAN JONES: …Now, I’ve told you before, this is the bloke to watch. He was outstanding yesterday in Question Time. He can explain complex things in a simple way that the public can understand. He’s talented, he’s modest, he’s… Continue reading

Sky News – Richo + Jones

E&OE ALAN JONES: Yes, welcome – I hate it when they say in television “welcome back” because, in fact, the audience have never gone anywhere. Richo is not with us tonight but I think you’ll enjoy what’s coming up because… Continue reading