Transcripts by The Hon Bill Shorten MP

Livable Housing Launch

NEIL MITCHELL: The housing industry is about to sign up to guidelines to make houses more, I don’t know, livable, I suppose, more usable for everybody. Interesting ideas behind it and one of the people involved in it is the… Continue reading

Life Matters

The Federal Government today will launch Universal Housing Design Standards for new homes which will improve housing availability for young families, the aged and people with disabilities. Interviewees: Bill Shorten, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services; Kristin Tomkins,… Continue reading

ABC Kinglake Webcast

SIMON ROGERS: On days like this what we like to do is talk to our political lords and masters, and one of those is of course Bill Shorten, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Thanks for joining… Continue reading

2008 Paralympic Games

Check against delivery STEVE PRICE: Joining me on the line from Beijing is Bill Shorten, the , morning to you. BILL SHORTEN: Good morning, Steve. STEVE PRICE: What a great effort we’ve seen right across the entire team there. BILL… Continue reading

Australian Paralymic Team and Vietnam Veterans

JASON MORRISON: Well, with the attention of the Olympic Games now, I guess, well it’s history really, focus attends – rightly goes towards the Paralympic Games. Opening Ceremony starts in Beijing on Saturday. We have one of our news team,… Continue reading

RADIO 3AW: Paralympics launch ceremony

CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Monday, 1 September 2008 TONY LEONARD: Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten, joins us now. Morning, Bill. BILL SHORTEN: Good morning, Tony. TONY LEONARD: You’re at the airport at the moment, Sydney Airport, I’m taking, farewelling our… Continue reading

Interview, ABC Stateline

*** Check Against Delivery *** JESSICA van VONDEREN: The United Nations records people with a disability as the largest minority in the world, and one of the most disadvantaged. It’s also found that despite discrimination laws, human rights are not… Continue reading

Helping Children with Autism package

MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone, for being here, with my Parliamentary Secretary, Bill Shorten, we’re very pleased to be here at Malkara School today. If I can thank the Principal, Jenny, and all the other staff who are here today,… Continue reading