Transcripts by The Hon Christian Porter

ABC Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E&OE Greetings Omitted. FRAN KELLY: So Minister you say this is about fairness. It’s going to make the scheme fairer. How is it fairer for, as Jenny Macklin said, workers – women working at McDonalds and Woolworths and low paid… Continue reading

Sky News, Jones & Co interview with Alan Jones

E&OE ALAN JONES: Christian Porter, good evening and thank you for your time. MINISTER PORTER: Pleasure. ALAN JONES: Do you think Australians understand the gravity of the position that you outlined at the National Press Club? MINISTER PORTER: Well I… Continue reading

ABC 720 interview with Jane Marwick

E&OE JANE MARWICK: Minister for Social Services, Member for Pearce, Christian Porter – good afternoon. MINISTER PORTER: Jane. Good to be here. JANE MARWICK: We just had the “Reboot Your Life” promo there, people are giving up all sorts of… Continue reading

Sky News Beattie and Reith

E&OE PETER REITH: Can I first of all just ask you a really simple question, and that is, look Australia seems to have got a hell of a lot richer in the last 15-20-30-odd years, if you like, and yet… Continue reading

2GB Breakfast Show with Alan Jones

E&OE ALAN JONES: Minister, good morning MINISTER PORTER: Good morning Alan. You don’t change the welfare system without a few early starts. ALAN JONES: You’re a good man – you are a good man. Just a couple of questions –… Continue reading

2GB Breakfast Show with Alan Jones

E&OE Subjects: Priority Invest Approach ALAN JONES: Christian Porter, good morning. MINISTER PORTER: Good morning Alan, how are you? ALAN JONES: An outstanding, absolutely outstanding speech, but of course it disappears into the ether after a couple of days. We… Continue reading

Sky News Sunday Agenda with Peter Van Onselen

E&OE Subjects: GST Distribution; Priority Investment Approach to Welfare PETER VAN ONSELEN: We are joined now by the Social Services Minister, Christian Porter, live from WA. Thanks so much for your company. MINISTER PORTER: Good Morning Peter. PETER VAN ONSELEN:… Continue reading

Morning doors press conference, Parliament House

E&OE Subjects: Omnibus Bill, Tony Abbott, Economic Leadership, Plebiscite MINISTER PORTER: Morning everyone. Very busy morning for the Social Services portfolio. Obviously we’re reached a significant agreement around the Omnibus Savings Bill, in excess of $6 billion worth of savings,… Continue reading

The Project, Ten Network

E&OE Subject: Syrian refugee resettlement GORGI COGHLAN: Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services, and he’s in sunny Northam in WA. Minister 3,500 out of 12,000, what’s the hold up? MINISTER PORTER: Well it’s just not a very fast… Continue reading

ABC Radio National Breakfast with Ellen Fanning

E&OE Subjects: 2016 election, superannuation, ministerial changes ELLEN FANNING: Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services; he’s in our Parliament House studio. Minister, welcome to RN Breakfast – and should I say congratulations on your re-election in Pearce. MINISTER… Continue reading

6PR Drive with Adam Shand

E&OE Subjects: Homelessness ADAM SHAND: Now, to WA’s own, good afternoon Christian. MINISTER PORTER: Adam how are you? ADAM SHAND: Very well thanks. How’d you go with the Budget? Did you get what you wanted? For your portfolio? MINISTER PORTER:… Continue reading

2GB Sydney Live with Ben Fordham

E&OE BEN FORDHAM: Also, this afternoon, we’ve heard from the Federal Government today that tens of thousands of dole bludgers are using medical certificates from doctors to get the dole without having to find a job. Now does it feel… Continue reading

2GB Sunday evening with Natalie and Michael

E&OE MICHAEL PACHI: We’re joined on the line by the Federal Social Services Minister, Christian Porter. Mr Porter thanks for your time. MINISTER PORTER: Pleasure Michael. MICHAEL PACHI: So take us through what happens from this Friday, No Jab, No… Continue reading

ABC Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly

E&OE FRAN KELLY: Christian is the Federal Social Services Minister with responsibility for the NDIS. Minister, welcome to RN Breakfast. MINISTER PORTER: Thanks Fran, good morning. FRAN KELLY: It’s true to say that you are trying to gain more control… Continue reading

2UE with Tim Webster

E&OE TIM WEBSTER: Now the Minister is clamping down on this and he should be applauded for doing it. Very happy to say that he’s managed to afford us a bit of time. Here’s the Social Services Minister, Christian Porter.… Continue reading

2GB – The Alan Jones Breakfast Show

E&OE ALAN JONES: Now, Christian Porter, I understand, believes a settlement has been reached and he’s on the line. Christian, good morning. MINISTER PORTER: Alan, how are you this morning? JONES: I don’t know how you get any sleep –… Continue reading

ABC RN – Drive

E&OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: Christian Porter, welcome back to RN Drive. MINISTER PORTER: Patricia, good to be here and great to be back at my old stomping ground. PATRICIA KARVELAS: How does it feel? What sort of memories do you have… Continue reading

2GB Morning Show

E&OE RAY HADLEY: Minister thanks for joining us. Good morning. MINISTER PORTER: Morning Ray. RAY HADLEY: Now you’ve cancelled one in seven. MINISTER PORTER: That’s correct. RAY HADLEY: Does that mean the other six are hunky dory? MINISTER PORTER: Well,… Continue reading

2GB – The Chris Smith Afternoon Show

E&OE CHRIS SMITH: Thanks for your time Minister. MINISTER PORTER: Yeah, good morning. CHRIS SMITH: I have to say those figures are alarming particularly in the context of seeing that the budget is in strife. MINISTER PORTER: Well, I think… Continue reading

Sky News – PVO Newsday

E&OE MINISTER PORTER: Kristina. How are you? KRISTINA KENEALLY: I’m terrific. PETER VAN ONSELEN: Good to see you as well, Christian Porter. KRISTINA KENEALLY: …and I’m, Peter’s here too so please.. MINISTER PORTER: Peter, good to see you. KRISTINA KENEALLY:… Continue reading

Radio National – Breakfast

E&OE HAMISH MACDONALD: Christian Porter is the Minister for Social Services, he joins me now. Good morning to you, Minister. Where will these $2 billion dollars’ worth of savings come from? MINISTER PORTER: There’s essentially three things that we’re doing.… Continue reading

ABC 720 Perth with Simon Birmingham

Simon Birmingham: Good afternoon, and thank you for coming along today. The Government has, consistent with our commitments, introduced to the Parliament today the Jobs for Families child care reforms. These are important reforms to our child care arrangements, and… Continue reading