Transcripts by The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Doorstop interview

E&OE ALAN TUDGE: It’s been revealed that the costs of scrapping the East-West Link project has blown out to $861 million — $221 million more than originally estimated. That is $861 million that taxpayers will never see again. That has… Continue reading

Doorstop interview

E&OE. Senator Fierravanti-Wells: I’m pleased to be here with Paris Aristotle. There has just been a meeting of the Refugee Resettlement Advisory Council, talking not just generally about resettlement but also about our 12,000 Syrian refugees that was announced some… Continue reading

ABC Melbourne with Jon Faine

E&OE JON FAINE: Mr Tudge good morning to you. ALAN TUDGE: Good morning Jon. JON FAINE: What’s the decision that the Government has taken on this long discussed policy? ALAN TUDGE: So the Senate passed legislation last night and, in… Continue reading

Doorstop interview

E&OE ALAN TUDGE: As you’d be aware, the Senate has just passed the Welfare Debit Card trial legislation. It was passed with the support of the Labor Party and seven of the eight crossbenchers. I’d like to thank those crossbenchers… Continue reading

2GB Steve Price and Andrew Bolt

E&OE STEVE PRICE: Evening to you Minister. ALAN TUDGE: G’day Steve. ANDREW BOLT: Alan, this is a really interesting proposal. You get your welfare card if you’re on benefits. You’re not going to get your benefits paid out in cash,… Continue reading

ABC Perth with John McGlue

E&OE… JOHN MCGLUE: Your legislation is being debated in the Senate today and even if it gets through, you have this hitch with Halls Creek which is one of your target trial sites. Why do you think it is you… Continue reading

SKY News PM Agenda with David Speers

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: Let’s talk about the plan first before we get to where the legislation is going to go tonight. So eighty per cent of your welfare money goes onto this card. What shops can you actually use the… Continue reading

ABC Capital Hill with Greg Jennet

E&OE GREG JENNET: Alan Tudge your Healthy Welfare Card trial legislation is due to be debated by the Senate today. What’s your expectation? Will it get through and will it pass today? ALAN TUDGE: I’m certainly hopeful that it will… Continue reading

Doorstop interview

E&OE ALAN TUDGE: This morning the Senate will be tabling its report into the Welfare Debit Card legislation. And the debate on that legislation in the Senate will occur shortly afterwards. Last Friday, the Labor Party sent a letter to… Continue reading

ABC RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas

E&OE… PATRICIA KARVELAS: Firstly if I can just ask you, as an Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull’s first question in Question Time was about Tony Abbott who was sitting on the backbench next to Joe Hockey. Here… Continue reading