Transcripts by Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

ABC Radio AM Program with Lexi Metherell

DAVID MARK: Figures were revealed this week showing the trials of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are running above the budget. The Federal Minister in charge of the NDIS, Senator Mitch Fifield, says he’s still committed to delivering the… Continue reading

Senate Questions Without Notice

SMITH: My question is to the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Fifield. Can the Minister provide an update to the Senate on the operation of the four trial sites of the National Disability Insurance Scheme? FIFIELD: Colleagues may be… Continue reading

2GB Radio Nights with Steve Price

PRICE: The previous government changed the name [of the NDIS] to DisabilityCare, which is what they did. They actually spent, hold your breath, because you’re going to choke when I tell you. They spent $18 million of your money, not… Continue reading

Sky News PVO News Hour

PETER VAN ONSELEN: The implementation of the NDIS, as well as how to pay for it, is going to be a major issue for the Abbott Government in this term and going forward because of the ongoing costs of the… Continue reading

ABC Tasmania Mornings with Sarah Gillman

GILLMAN: Senator Mitch Fifield is the Assistant Minister for Social Services, and he joins us now. Good morning. FIFIELD: Good morning Sarah. GILLMAN: You’ve accused the Premier of playing politics with the NDIS. And you say that the Federal Government,… Continue reading

FiveAA Radio Adelaide with Jeremy Cordeaux

CORDEAUX: Mitch Fifield, the Assistant Minister for Social Services is on the line. How are you Assistant Minister, and may I address you so? FIFIELD: Mitch is fine Jeremy. Very well indeed, thanks. CORDEAUX: What do you say of this,… Continue reading

ABC News 24 with Melissa Clarke

MELISSA CLARKE: Mitch Fifield, thanks for joining us. MITCH FIFIELD: Thank you. MELISSA CLARKE: Now the Government wants to make the NDIS more cost effective, how do you do that? MITCH FIFIELD: Well, I would hope that all political parties… Continue reading

ABC Radio National with Waleed Aly

WALEED ALY: Senator Mitch Fifield joins us now. Thank you very much for your time Senator. MITCH FIFIELD: Good to be with you, Waleed. WALEED ALY: Jenny Macklin, who’s the Shadow Minister for Disability Reform, had some things to say… Continue reading

Carers Week Doorstop

QUESTION: [inaudible] MITCH FIFIELD: The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a joint Commonwealth-State venture, and the next rollout sites will be determined by negotiation between the Commonwealth and State governments. Before the last election the previous government unilaterally declared what… Continue reading

ABC News 24 Capital Hill with Andrew Greene

ANDREW GREENE: Mitch Fifield, welcome to Capital Hill. MITCH FIFIELD Thanks Andrew ANDREW GREENE: You’ve just been involved in the launch of some TV commercials ahead of Carers Week. What is the message that needs to be given to those… Continue reading