Transcripts by Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

ABC Radio AM programme with Chris Uhlmann

E & OE UHLMANN: The National Disability Insurance Scheme is designed to revolutionise disability services. Trials are underway and AM has been told some parts of the system are not coping. There’s growing concern that state and territory governments are… Continue reading

Sky News Agenda with Tom Connell

E & OE CONNELL: Welcome to the program, I’m Tom Connell. Well as it ends the year with a barnacle or two and not a lot of wind in its sails, the Government is no doubt looking ahead to 2015.… Continue reading

5AA Radio Adelaide Mornings with Leon Byner

E&OE BYNER: Let’s put in a call to someone that we have a fairly good relationship with and that’s Mitch Fifield, who is the Assistant Minister for Social Services. Mitch, merry Christmas and thanks for joining us. FIFIELD: Good to… Continue reading

PVO News Hour with Peter Van Onselen

E & OE PETER VAN ONSELEN: Joining me now from Parliament House Senator Mitch Fifield, thanks for your company. MITCH FIFIELD: Good to be with you Peter. PETER VAN ONSELEN: Alright, let me just get straight into it. You guys… Continue reading

2HD Radio Newcastle

E & OE SUTHERLAND: The National Disability Insurance Scheme – otherwise known as the NDIS – the fourth quarterly report to COAG has just been released and now the report confirms that staff at the National Disability Insurance Agency have… Continue reading

ABC Port Pirie, Mornings with Sarah Tomlinson

E & OE TOMLINSON: Good morning. For families wanting to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme they say the figures are looking good in both getting applicants through the process and on budget. This is our first story this morning… Continue reading

Sky News AM Agenda With Kieran Gilbert

E&OE GILBERT: I’m joined now live from Melbourne by the Liberal frontbencher Senator Mitch Fifield. Senator Fifield first to you and this news that’s been confirmed this morning to us by the Foreign Minister that agreement with Jakarta has been… Continue reading

94.7 FM The Pulse Radio Geelong

E & OE SANTOPIETRO: The Assistant Minister for Social Services is Mitch Fifield and he joins us now. Good morning Senator and welcome back to the Geelong Review. FIFIELD: Thanks very much Daniel. SANTOPIETRO: So the NDIS is a social… Continue reading

Radio 2moro Sawtelghad – Arabic Radio

E & OE HOURANI: Senator Mitch Fifield is on the show today to talk about the changes to aged care system. Senator Mitch Fifield, thank you for taking the time to speak to us this morning, and good morning. FIFIELD:… Continue reading

Sky News The Nation

E&OE SPEERS: This week of course marked the start of a new financial year and a new political landscape in the Senate. Many of these new faces in the Senate crossbench are there after winning just a teeny tiny percentage… Continue reading

ABC Radio National Drive with Waleed Aly

E & OE ALY: Australians going into aged care from tomorrow could be paying more than they otherwise would have. There has been a lot of attention on new recommendations to the welfare system that could juristically reduce the number… Continue reading

3AW Radio Drive with Dr Sally Cockburn

E & OE COCKBURN: Today, July 1. Some new changes kicked in, in the way that the Federal Government is funding aged care. There is some confusion, I’m hoping we can settle it, because obviously aged care is an area… Continue reading

ABC 24 News Breakfast

E & OE KENNEDY: Major changes to the aged care system will come into effect from tomorrow on the reforms, the changes to means testing and the general overhaul of the way the Government funds residential aged care. TRIOLI: We… Continue reading