Transcripts by Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

Sky News AM Agenda

E & OE GILBERT: Joining me now on the program is Assistant Social Services Minister Mitch Fifield and Shadow Assistant Treasurer Mitch Fifield. Good morning to you both. Mitch Fifield first to you, 25 of your colleagues, backbench members of… Continue reading

ABC Radio Newcastle

KEARNEY: If you remember a time before the Federal Budget, a time before earn and learn? A time before university fees? A time before health care and education cuts? Back then, the national political agenda was absorbed in the carbon… Continue reading

ABC 666 Canberra Drive with Adam Shirley

E & OE SHIRLEY: The Federal Budget brings changes for people with disabilities across a range of areas from health, to housing, to welfare. With us now on Drive is Senator Mitch Fifield. He’s the Assistant Minister for Social Services,… Continue reading

ABC Radio AM Programme with Chris Uhlmann

E & OE UHLMANN: The Assistant Minister for Social Services is Senator Mitch Fifield. Welcome to AM. FIFIELD: Good morning Chris. UHLMANN: Does this decision mean that there’s a real threat that some severely disabled people could lose the only… Continue reading

ABC Radio AM Program with James Glenday

ELIZABETH JACKSON: The federal Minister responsible for the NDIS is Mitch Fifield. He told AM’s James Glenday the Government isn’t trying to slow down the rollout of the scheme, but it does want to make sure that it’ll work as… Continue reading

ABC News 24 With Julia Doyle

DOYLE: Mitch Fifield, you’re in Geelong for the opening of the National Disability Insurance Agency Headquarters. When it comes to the rollout of the NDIS, is the Government going to stick to the previously agreed timetable? FIFIELD: The timetable for… Continue reading

ABC Radio National. Breakfast with Ellen Fanning

FANNING: Mitch Fifield is the Assistant Minister for Social Services with responsibility for disability care. He’s been listening to John Della Bosca and Senator Fifield is speaking with our Political Editor, Alison Carabine. CARABINE: Mitch Fifield, good morning. FIFIELD: Good… Continue reading

Sky News Saturday Agenda with David Lipson

LIPSON: Mitch Fifield joins me now from Melbourne. Mitch Fifield thanks for your time today. First of all, let’s go to some of those questions raised by Frank and Ara. Mental Health first of all perhaps, harder to define than… Continue reading

Radio 2CC Canberra Breakfast with Mark Parton

PARTON: Now, we were detailing, prior to eight o’clock, some of the pessimistic rhetoric that’s going on in the lead up to this Federal Budget being announced next month and some of the figures are just astounding. The Commission of… Continue reading

2GB Radio Drive with Ben Fordham

FORDHAM: I told you last week, right off the back of these inquiries underway at the moment into the Pink Batts scheme, that we need to be really careful that this isn’t another one of them and now I notice… Continue reading

ABC 7.30 with Sarah Ferguson

FERGUSON: Western Australia joined the rest of the country today with the states premier and Tony Abbott agreeing to trial sites for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. On the same day Treasurer Joe Hockey has been making strong criticism of… Continue reading

Sky News Viewpoint with Chris Kenny

KENNY: Thanks for joining us Mitch. FIFIELD: Good to be with you Chris. KENNY: I want to firstly go to this report that’s looked at the NDIS. Now as I say, it’s very much a Labor scheme, Julia Gillard’s legacy… Continue reading

ABC Radio Hobart Statewide Mornings

COMPTON: The new federal Government have looked at the National Disability Insurance Scheme, they’ve commissioned a report into its capabilities and how it’s tracking so far. They’ve described what they’ve seen as a bit like watching a plane getting built… Continue reading

The Pulse Geeloong Radio with Daniel Santopietro

SANTOPIETRO: Good morning Senator. FIFIELD: Good morning Daniel. SANTOPIETRO: Ok, so Minister, what are the significant problems? FIFIELD: Well, when we came into Government last year, I thought it was prudent to ask the Board of the Agency to assure… Continue reading

ABC Radio AM with Chris Uhlmann and Lexi Metherell

UHLMANN: The timetable for delivering national disability insurance is under review after a damning assessment of the decision to launch the scheme a year early. The Federal Disabilities Minister commissioned an assessment of the agency running the program late last… Continue reading

ABC Radio AM Program

DAVID MARK: Figures were revealed this week showing the trials of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are running above the budget. The Federal Minister in charge of the NDIS, Senator Mitch Fifield, says he’s still committed to delivering the… Continue reading