Transcripts by The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

ABC 24 Capital Hill

E&OE MARK SIMKIN: Well, six weeks of consultation have now begun. The Social Services Minister is obviously attracted to many of the interim recommendations. He joined me a short time ago. Kevin Andrews, thanks for joining us. In recent days… Continue reading

Sky Agenda

E&OE KIERAN GILBERT: With me now the Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews. Mr Andrews, thanks for your time. This interim McClure report into the welfare system, you say that it’s not about people being worse off necessarily, particularly those on… Continue reading

3AW Morning Programme

E&OE PRESENTER: Good morning to you Kevin Andrews. MINISTER ANDREWS: Good morning. PRESENTER: So Mr Andrews the idea is to stop people going on permanent disability for the rest of their lives? MINISTER ANDREWS: What’s happened up to date is… Continue reading

ABC News Radio, Drive, with Tracey Holmes

TRACEY HOLMES: (inaudible) so called income management for aboriginal people. Territory Health Minister Robyn Lambley said her government had to fight the Commonwealth to get 70 per cent of income quarantined under the policy. Up to 20,000 people are on… Continue reading

ABC News 24 Capital Hill with Lyndal Curtis

LYNDAL CURTIS: (inaudible) whether you thought it worked, the New Zealand model worked to move people off welfare and into long term employment? MINISTER ANDREWS: It does I had discussions a few weeks ago with a number of Ministers in… Continue reading

Sky Agenda with David Lipson

E&OE DAVID LIPSON: Minister Andrews thank you for your time. Patrick McClure says that he will propose a simpler architecture for the welfare system that will see fewer payments and supplements, is that something the Government would support? MINISTER ANDREWS:… Continue reading


E&OE CHRIS UHLMANN: Over the weekend there appeared to be more conflicting messages coming from the Abbott Government, this time on welfare reform. The Minister who oversees welfare payments, Kevin Andrews, seemed to leave open the prospect of drug testing… Continue reading

Sky Agenda

E&OE KIERAN GILBERT: Kevin Andrews thanks for your time. A lot to discuss, first of all the notion of possible drug testing for those on welfare, what is the Government’s position on this? MINISTER ANDREWS: Look this was a highly… Continue reading

4BC Brisbane

E&OE PRESENTER: Are politicians allowed to change their mind? Here is a short version of Joe Hockey back in his student days talking about university fees. HOCKEY: We will continue to go out onto the streets and to protest and… Continue reading

Budget 2014

E&OE DAVID SPEERS: Back to the Budget though and a lot of the battle today and indeed through the course of this week has been about the tough changes for young jobseekers as announced on Budget night two weeks ago,… Continue reading

4CA Cairns

E&OE PRESENTER: As promised we’ve got the Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews on the line, good morning to you Kevin. How are you this morning? MINISTER ANDREWS: I’m well thanks Michael it’s a lovely late autumn morning in Canberra.… Continue reading


E&OE EMMA ALBERICI: Returning to Federal politics now and the Government’s attempts to sell the merits of its Budget against accusations that the pain involved in bringing down the deficit isn’t being spread around fairly. The Social Services Minister, Kevin… Continue reading

2G Breakfast with Chris Smith

E&OE CHRIS SMITH: One of the more impressive aspects of the Abbott Government’s first budget was the changes to unemployment benefits. Their philosophy is for Australia to be a work ready nation not a welfare nation which I think it’s… Continue reading

ABC South East NSW

E&OE PRESENTER: With us this morning is the Federal Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews. Kevin Andrews good morning and welcome. MINISTER: Good morning Tim. PRESENTER: It will be good to hear you thoughts this morning. Parliament is sitting today,… Continue reading

ABC 936 Hobart

E&OE PRESENTER: With me from the Federal Government is the Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews, Minister good afternoon. MINISTER: Good afternoon Louise. PRESENTER: Do you think it’s fair the Prime Minister said that it’s not the worse thing if… Continue reading

Sky PM Agenda

E&OE PRESENTER: One of the biggest gripes that Australians have with the Budget is they say it isn’t fair. But new modelling from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling spells out, perhaps, why. It divided the community as… Continue reading

Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio National, 20 May 2014

QUESTION: With me today is Kevin Andrews who’s the Federal Minister for Social Services. Thank you for joining us Minister. MINISTER: Good morning Cameron. QUESTION: Let’s start with the National Rental Affordability Scheme, why was that cut? MINISTER: Well we… Continue reading

ABC News Radio

E&OE MARIUS BENSON: Kevin Andrews, polls have found a clear majority of voters think the budget is not just tough but unfair, and now professional studies have backed that up with statistics saying that the people hardest hit are mid… Continue reading

ABC 720 Perth

JOHN MCGLUE: Minister welcome to Drive, good to have you here. MINISTER: Thank you very much John. JOHN MCGLUE: Kevin Andrews the mantra we’re hearing is that everyone should make a contribution but the figures are showing that lower income… Continue reading

Radio National

LISON CARABINE: Kevin Andrews good morning. MINISTER: Good morning Alison. LISON CARABINE: Kevin Andrews, the Senate will block about half of the $37 billion worth of savings announced on Tuesday night. Is your budget repair job now in tatters? MINISTER:… Continue reading

ABC News 24

LYNDAL CURTIS: Kevin Andrews welcome to Capital Hill. MINISTER: Thank you. LYNDAL CURTIS: Do you accept that some of the measures announced last night, making people under 30 wait for payments and those, I think, under 24 getting lower payments… Continue reading

Earn or Learn, DSP, Welfare Review

MINISTER: Ladies and gentlemen I want to take the opportunity this afternoon to make a few comments about some speculation about welfare in the forthcoming budget and to confirm a number of other proposals which the government will be taking… Continue reading