Transcripts by The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Welfare Review Press Conference

E&OE Question: So Kevin what does this new overhaul include? Minister: What we’re concerned about is there are more than 1,000 people each week joining the Disability Support Group, that’s a large number in total it’s more than 800,000 now… Continue reading

Relationship Assistance, Age Pension, DSP

E&OE David: One new thing which the Government will actually provide is free relationship counselling for brides and grooms before they walk down the aisle. Joining us now is the Federal Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews. Good morning Minister.… Continue reading

Age Pension, McClure Review, DSP

E&OE Greg Jennett: Let’s start first of all with that much vaunted Tony Abbott quote of the evening before the September election, no change to the pension. Has the Government advanced the argument that it’s doing now without breaching that… Continue reading

Homelessness Funding

E&OE Minister: (Inaudible)…Glenda Stevens, the CEO of Homelessness Australia and other guests and members of the Salvation Army. It is a privilege to be at this Crisis Accommodation Centre here in Melbourne. Homelessness is a major issue in Australia and… Continue reading

6PR Perth

E&OE PRESENTER: Morning thanks for your time today Minister MINISTER: My pleasure. PRESENTER: It wasn’t long ago I don’t think, in fact in the last few weeks we were hearing that the health care card may be taken away from… Continue reading

ACNC, Homelessness Funding, Welfare Review

E&OE David Speers: More than 50 charities and not-for-profits have complained about your move to scrap the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, they say it’s going to put the tax office in charge of regulating charities, deciding which organisations are… Continue reading

National Rental Affordability Scheme

E&OE Presenter: The future of the subsidised housing scheme for low income tenants in is doubt over claims it’s being manipulated to build accommodation for wealthy foreign students. The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) which was established by the Rudd… Continue reading

Pension increase; Welfare reform

E&OE Marius Benson: Kevin Andrews can I begin with the good news, you’re increasing the pension. Minister: Indeed from March 20, 3.6 million pensioners will receive an additional payment for single pensions that’s almost $16 a fortnight, and for age… Continue reading

Press conference

E&OE Question: If the gap is too big between Newstart and Disability Payment why not look at increasing Newstart which has been criticised as very low? Minister: If the budget wasn’t in such a dire financial position then there may… Continue reading

ABC News Radio with Marius Benson

E&OE Sandy Aloisi: New figures being released today by the Federal Government will show it’s paying out more in unemployment benefits. The labour market figures show there’s been an increase of 44,000 people out of work, with the jobless total… Continue reading

Welfare system – ABC AM

E&OE TIM PALMER: The Federal Government says the current rate of welfare payments in Australia is “unsustainable and relentless”, and more must be done to reduce the burden on the federal budget. The Social Services Minister, Kevin Andrews, says a… Continue reading

Welfare system – Sky News

E&OE NEWSREADER: Take you live now to Adelaide. Social Services Minister, Kevin Andrews. KEVIN ANDREWS: …if he had done so, he would have seen that Mr McClure, in his welfare reviews, is not looking at the aged pension. Mr Shorten… Continue reading

Welfare system – ABC Newsradio

E&OE SANDY ALOISI: Well, as we’ve heard, the Federal Government is flagging a crackdown on welfare payments with the Social Services Minister, Kevin Andrews, warning that the current system is not sustainable. A new report to the Government by the… Continue reading

Welfare system – 774 ABC Melbourne

E&OE JON FAINE: The still freshly in office Abbott Government are dealing with welfare reform as we kick off the new political year. Kevin Andrews is the Minister for Social Services in Tony Abbott’s cabinet and ministry. Mr Andrews, good… Continue reading