Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Helping Children with Autism package

MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone, for being here, with my Parliamentary Secretary, Bill Shorten, we’re very pleased to be here at Malkara School today. If I can thank the Principal, Jenny, and all the other staff who are here today,… Continue reading

Northern Territory Emergency Response

E & O E – PROOF ONLY ELEANOR HALL: The Federal Government has signalled today that it is likely to continue with the controversial intervention in the Northern Territory that was put in place by the Howard government a year… Continue reading

Carers, Belinda Neal

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much for all being here with us today and if I can particularly thank Josh and his family, his mum and his dad, for having us at his home.… Continue reading

Child Protection Framework

E & O E – PROOF ONLY LAURIE OAKES “SUNDAY” INTERVIEW WITH JENNY MACKLIN MP, Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs LO: Minister, welcome. JM: Thanks, Laurie. LO: Today you’re launching a Government discussion paper on a… Continue reading

Pensioners, Eddie Mabo

E & O E – PROOF ONLY CARY: One wanted the specifics, and we’ve talked a lot about the pension over the last few days, wanted specifics on how they arrived at how much the pension would be for singles… Continue reading


JENNY MACKLIN: We do recognise that many many families are under very serious mortgage stress. Those people who are trying to save for a home will have the chance to put some money aside into a First Home Saver Account… Continue reading

Welfare debit card

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks everyone for being here today. The Australian Government is introducing a new debit card. We want to make sure that where we’re income managing parents’ welfare payments in the interests… Continue reading

Accommodation for NTER staff in the NT

MACKLIN: Thanks very much and thanks for coming at reasonably short notice. I was informed last night of some very concerning news. A number of the containers that our staff have been living in, as part of the Northern Territory… Continue reading