Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

CDEP – ABC Western Plains Mornings

*** E & OE – Proof only *** DUGALD SAUNDERS: Now the Community Development Employment Project, CDEP, is something we’ve spoken about quite a bit in the past few weeks. It’s a program funded by the Federal Government for unemployed… Continue reading

Stimulus Payments – 2UE

*** E & OE – Proof only *** MIKE CARLTON: Let’s talk to Jenny Macklin, first, the Minister for – it eludes me, she’s got about ten different titles, Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, and presumably one gathers… Continue reading

Bushfire Recovery – Ch7 Sunrise

*** E & OE – Proof only *** MEL: Now from New South Wales to Victoria and families affected by the bush fires begin to rebuild so are local businesses and the Government is chipping in offering thousands of dollars… Continue reading

Pensioners – Doorstop

*** E & OE – Proof only *** JOURNALIST: What do you think of Tony Abbott’s remarks? JENNY MACKLIN: Well this just demonstrates how out of touch the Liberal Party is with the needs of pensioners. Last year the Liberal… Continue reading

Indigenous education, Victorian Bushfires

E & O E – PROOF ONLY FRAN KELLY: Minister, good morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning Fran. FRAN KELLY: Well everyone agrees that this is worth having a crack at as Mick Dodson would say, but is it achievable for… Continue reading

Victorian bushfire relief – ABC Insiders

***E & OE – Proof Only*** BARRIE CASSIDY: Jenny Macklin, welcome. JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks Barrie. BARRIE CASSIDY: In the end you’ve sorted it out by making it clear that this money was uncapped but it would have been better all… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – Doorstop

*** E & OE – Proof only *** JENNY MACKLIN: Thank you for being here. As you would be aware the Prime Minister, the Premier of Victoria and I have been out in many of the bushfire affected areas over… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – ABC2 News Breakfast

*** E & OE – Proof only *** VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Jenny Macklin joins us now. Minister good morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning to you both. VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Tell us a little bit about where you’ve been and who you’ve spoken… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – ABC Radio AM

*** E & OE – Proof only *** TONY EASTLEY: The Commonwealth is putting more money into emergency payments, and will sit on the reconstruction and recovery authority established jointly with the Victorian Government, but as attention turns to putting… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – 2UE Drive

*** E & OE – Proof only *** Subject: Bushfires JOHN STANLEY: Minister, good afternoon to you. JENNY MACKLIN: Hello John. JOHN STANLEY: I know you have been to the area yourself and you’ve no doubt spoken to many of… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – 3AW Drive

*** E & OE – Proof only *** DERRYN HINCH: Families, Housing and Community Services Minister is on the line. Jenny Macklin good afternoon. JENNY MACKLIN: Good afternoon to you too. DERRYN HINCH: You know these people (inaudible) I was… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – 2UE

JOURNALIST: First on the line, we’ve just got hold of the Federal Community Services Minister, Jenny Macklin. Good morning to you, though a good morning it isn’t. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning to both of you. No it’s a very difficult… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – 5AA

*** E & OE – Proof only *** JOURNALIST: The pictures we’re seeing here in Adelaide, I’ve got the local paper here in front of me and there’s a picture of somebody who’s just been told his mother had died… Continue reading

Victorian Bushfires – 2GB

*** E & OE – Proof only *** JOURNALIST: we’ve got Jenny Macklin, the Federal Community Services Minister on the phone she’s phoned in. The Prime Minister today has announced the assistance package for those affected by the Victorian bushfires… Continue reading

Nation Building and Jobs Plan – 5AA

*** E & OE – Proof only *** LEON BYNER: Jenny thanks for joining us. JENNY MACKLIN: My pleasure. LEON BYNER: What do you say of the Opposition’s criticism that we’re going back to the days of Whitlam by spending… Continue reading

Nation Building and Jobs Plan – 2GB

*** E & OE – Proof only *** LUKE BONA: Yes, I listened to the announcements yesterday about the handouts to working families and singles and I thought I understood who was getting what but there is a lot of… Continue reading

Australian Government helps pensioners

JENNY MACKLIN: Around $2.5 billion in the Government’s economic Security Strategy payments – which were announced in October last year – these payments have gone to more than two million aged pensioners and also around 275,000 self-funded retirees who are… Continue reading

AFL funding in the Kimberley

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks everyone for being here, and if I could first of all thank everybody from the Hawthorn Football Club. As you’ve just heard, I like someone else, am a Geelong supporter.… Continue reading

Baby Bonus

E & O E – PROOF ONLY HILARY HARPER: Are you having a baby this year? And congratulations if you are. You’ll also be looking forward to the baby bonus, I imagine. That will be extremely helpful when picking out… Continue reading