Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Indigenous Family Violence Forum

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: My Ministerial colleague, Tanya Plibersek, and I are very very pleased to be here today meeting with twenty-two Indigenous people from many many different parts of Australia. Twelve women and ten… Continue reading

Economic Security Strategy payments

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Today we are starting the major Economic Stimulus Package. The Economic Security Payments will begin to be paid from today for senior Australians, for aged pensioners, for those on a Commonwealth… Continue reading

Rudd Government 1 year anniversary

E & O E – PROOF ONLY REPORTER: (inaudible) Government Minister and how you think things are going? JENNY MACKLIN: Being here at Reconciliation Place really brings back the enormous importance of the national apology that the Prime Minister made… Continue reading

Government’s response to the NTER review

E & O E – PROOF ONLY FRAN KELLY: Well, the catch cry of the Rudd Labor Government has been closing the gap of disadvantage between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It’s a major part of the policy has been the… Continue reading

Response to the NTER Review

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Last week, the Government released the report of the independent Review of the NTER which found that the situation in remote NT communities and town camps remained sufficiently acute to be… Continue reading

Government response to NTER review

E & O E – PROOF ONLY KERRY O’BRIEN: Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has rejected a key recommendation of the independent board reviewing the first year of the Northern Territory intervention in crisis-prone remote Aboriginal communities, and will maintain… Continue reading

Economic Security Strategy

E & O E – PROOF ONLY MADONNA KING: Well, pensioners take a bow, you deserve this. And remember it’s just a down payment; you’re still promised that weekly increase from next year. But the $4.8 billion increase in pensions… Continue reading

Pension payments

E & O E – PROOF ONLY HOWARD SATTLER: Hello, good afternoon and welcome to the program on an historic day. Now, four months ago, if you can recall, this radio station 882 6PR organised a pensioner rally in the… Continue reading

Redfern, Sydney

JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone. If I could first of all thank everyone from Sydney Day Nurseries for having us here today in this just fantastic location that is dedicated to the needs of children. They do a wonderful… Continue reading

Paid parental leave

E & O E – PROOF ONLY CHARLES WOOLEY: Let’s get the Government’s reaction to the plan from the Productivity Commission on paid maternity leave, Families Minister Jenny Macklin, good morning to you. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning to you, Charles.… Continue reading

Pensions, Prime Minister’s travel

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: This morning Malcolm Turnbull, the new Leader of the Opposition, has demonstrated yet again that he is out of touch with the needs of Australian pensioners and he doesn’t even understand… Continue reading

Doorstop – Pensions

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: In his effort to make a political point, Brendan Nelson seems to have forgotten married pensioners, he’s forgotten carers, he’s forgotten people on the disability support pension and he’s forgotten veterans… Continue reading

National Child Protection Week, Pensions

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone. I’m very very pleased to be here today at the opening of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, an outstanding institute doing very important research to enable… Continue reading

Ministerial Council on Gambling

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much everybody for being here today. We’ve just had a very successful meeting of the Ministerial Council on Gambling. The first such meeting for almost two years, and what… Continue reading

School attendance measure

E & O E – PROOF ONLY JENNY MACKLIN: Okay. Thanks everyone for coming along this morning. If I can first of all thank Cath and the school for having us here, particularly for being prepared to come in on… Continue reading

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

E & O E – PROOF ONLY SIMON BEAUMONT: Jenny Macklin is the Family and Community Services Minister, she joins me on the program now. Jenny, hi, thanks for your time. JENNY MACKLIN: Good to be with you, Simon. SIMON… Continue reading