Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

ABC 891 Adelaide Drive with Michael Smyth

MICHAEL SMYTH: The latest on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, now known as DisabilityCare Australia. It’s one of those rare things in politics that has had support from all sides. As you’d remember South Australia was one of the first… Continue reading

Transcript of press conference, Western Sydney

E & OE – Proof only Subject: Schoolkids Bonus, United Nations JENNY MACKLIN: I’m very pleased to be here with Laurie Ferguson at Casula Primary School. We’re talking with parents and teachers about the Schoolkids Bonus and the benefit of… Continue reading

Transcript of press conference, Melbourne

E & OE – Proof only Subject: Pension increases, Western Sydney, Schoolkids Bonus JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much for joining us here. I’m very pleased to announce that from 20th March around 3 and a half million pensioners across Australia… Continue reading

Alcohol management plans; Stronger Futures

E & OE – Proof only Subject: Alcohol management plans INTERVIEWER: It’s no news in the Northern Territory that the rivers of grog that have flowed through Indigenous communities have sparked all manner of action including Federal interventions. The Little… Continue reading

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous People

E & OE – Proof only KIERAN GILBERT: Minister, thanks for your time. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning. KIERAN GILBERT: What is the significance of today’s Act of Recognition? JENNY MACKLIN: This will be the first time that the Australian Parliament… Continue reading

Closing the Gap – Sky News, David Speers

DAVID SPEERS: Well for more on this and what the Closing the Gap report shows about tackling indigenous disadvantage, I spoke to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin. Jenny Macklin thank you for your time. JENNY MACKLIN: Thank you.… Continue reading

National Disability Insurance Scheme

E & OE – Proof only Subject: National Disability Insurance Scheme NATASHA MITCHELL: Welcome Minister. JENNY MACKLIN: Thank you Natasha. NATASHA MITCHELL: And we also have John Walsh.John served as the Associate Commissioner in the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into disability… Continue reading

Dad and Partner Pay

E & OE – Proof only ANN JONES: Good Morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning Ann. ANN JONES: It’s pretty exciting news, because previously not all dads could get leave. JENNY MACKLIN: That’s true. Dads are able discuss with their employers… Continue reading

National Disability Insurance Scheme

MARIUS BENSON: Jenny Macklin can you clarify exactly what you’re bringing in in legislation today? This is a trial rather than the beginning of a scheme? JENNY MACKLIN: No, that’s not correct. Today the Government will introduce the legislation to… Continue reading

Interview with Leon Byner, 5AA Mornings Adelaide

Subject: Parenting payments, National Disability Insurance Scheme, state governments taking allowances from pensioners. LEON BYNER: When decisions are made and we understand that whether it’s a state or federal situation, budgets are tight, we understand that. But, we have a… Continue reading