Transcripts by The Hon Scott Morrison MP

2GB Ray Hadley

E&OE RAY HADLEY: Minister good morning. MINISTER MORRISON: G’day Ray. HADLEY: Nice to see you. The Prime Minister is going to make some very important major national security [inaudible] next Monday to protect us from terrorism – of course we… Continue reading

ABC AM programme

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Mr Morrison, welcome to the programme. MINISTER MORRISON: Good morning Michael. BRISSENDEN: We will get to national security issues shortly but if we can look at the pension changes first. According to your calculations the changes will see… Continue reading

2GB Miranda Devine

MIRANDA DEVINE: Thanks for joining us Scott Morrison. MINISTER MORRISON: G’day Miranda, what a great Sydney day it has been today. DEVINE: How fantastic and that is a rather fetching picture of you in the paper today getting your feet… Continue reading

ABC AM programme

E&OE MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: As we’ve heard, the Government has questioned the motivation of the report. Scott Morrison was the previous Immigration Minister and he joins me now. Good morning, Minister. MINISTER MORRISON: Good morning, Michael. BRISSENDEN: The Human Rights Commission… Continue reading

2GB with Ray Hadley

E&OE HADLEY: Normally the Social Services minister, Scott Morrison, joins me on Monday but he was preoccupied yesterday for obvious reasons, he’s in our Canberra studio, Minister, good morning MINISTER MORRISON: G’day Ray, yes we were a bit preoccupied yesterday.… Continue reading

Question without Notice

E&OE MINISTER MORRISON: I thank the member for Gilmore for her very important question on something that I know concerns many families all around this country. For many families, the choice to go back to work is a choice, and… Continue reading

Doorstop, Canberra

E&OE JOURNALIST: Is Joe Hockey the right man to be Treasurer? MINISTER MORRISON: Of course he is. JOURNALIST: Why is that? MINISTER MORRISON: Because he is the one working together with the whole team to address the singularly biggest fiscal… Continue reading

Sky News – Richo and Jones

E&OE ALAN JONES: Welfare – you’re the minister for welfare. The welfare bill is going to up 6.1% this year, 35% of all your spending and about $150 billion, can we keep going? A 6.1% increase this year, can we… Continue reading


E&OE HOST: Social Services Minister Scott Morrison joins us now. Minister good morning to you, thanks for your time. We just want to get your reaction to Peter Greste’s release overnight. Great news. MINISTER MORRISON: It’s tremendous news and fabulous… Continue reading

ABC 7.30 Programme

E&OE LEIGH SALES: We with me now from Canberra is one of the three MPs touted as a potential successor for Tony Abbott, the Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison. Minister, thank you for joining us. MINISTER MORRISON: G’day, Leigh.… Continue reading

ABC AM Programme

E&OE MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: One of the senior figures talked about as part of a potential leadership overhaul is the Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison. He joins me now. Mr Morrison, is the Abbott prime ministership now at the crisis point… Continue reading

3AW Neil Mitchell

E&OE NEIL MITCHELL: First some people are touting him as a future leader, the Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison good morning. MINISTER MORRISON: G’day Neil. MITCHELL: Thank you for your time I know you haven’t got long, what is… Continue reading

2GB Alan Jones

E&OE JONES: Scott Morrison is going to have to be the bearer of some bad tidings. I suspect he’ll be equal to the charge. I thought we’d have a word with him, he’s on the line, good morning. MINISTER MORRISON:… Continue reading

2GB Ray Hadley

E&OE MINISTER MORRISON: Good morning Ray and g’day to all the new listeners up in Queensland. RAY HADLEY: Yeah and Happy Australia Day to you as well. MINISTER MORRISON: And to you mate. HADLEY: Now, the movement of Social Services.… Continue reading

2GB Ben Fordham

E&OE BEN FORDHAM: Scott Morrison good afternoon. MINISTER MORRISON: G’day Ben, how are you? FORDHAM: Why are you laughing at the idea of you being a future leader? MINISTER MORRISON: Because we have got a great one as it is.… Continue reading

Sky News – ‘Richo’

E&OE Subjects: Social Services portfolio, National Disability Insurance Scheme, welfare payments, Medicare, Expenditure Review Committee. GRAHAM RICHARDSON: In our Canberra studio is Scott Morrison the man who stopped the boats and who is now going to stop who knows what,… Continue reading

ABC 24 – Lyndal Curtis

CURTIS: …something you have been left by your predecessor Kevin Andrews who has announced that funding to some non-government organisations will be axed, is that something you would be seeking to review? MINISTER MORRISON: Well this is a process that… Continue reading