Transcripts by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

National Disability Insurance Scheme

E & OE – Proof only WENDY HARMER: Well as I say, it has been touted as the most significant medical reform in Australia since the introduction of Medicare and a change that is desperately needed. As we know, any… Continue reading

Healthy Kids Check

E & OE – Proof only SONYA FELDHOFF: Families Minister, Jenny Macklin joins me now. Thank you for your time Minister. JENNY MACKLIN: My pleasure Sonia. SONYA FELDHOFF: These four year old health checks. First of all, what’s the purpose… Continue reading

Pension increases

E & OE – Proof only HOST: Minister good morning. JENNY MACKLIN: Good morning to you both. HOST: And today’s the day. JENNY MACKLIN: Today is the day for 3.4 million pensioners across Australia. And just over 300,000 pensioners in… Continue reading

Poker machine reform

E & OE – Proof only ELEANOR HALL: The Minister for Community and Family Services Jenny Macklin says she’s disappointed with Mr Wilkie’s actions. Minister Macklin told Sabra Lane that Mr Wilkie is jeopardising the whole reform package. SABRA LANE:… Continue reading

Gambling reforms

E & OE – Proof only BRUCE GUTHRIE: In view of the significant reform of problem gambling has dominated news headlines overnight and this morning, Jenny Macklin is the Minister for Families and Community Services. She joins me online. Good… Continue reading

Problem gambling; border protection; Afghanistan

PM: Good afternoon. I’m here today with Jenny Macklin, the Minister for Families and Community Services. We’re here to announce the Government’s policy on problem gambling. Many Australians enjoy gambling, which means they like to place a bet, it’s harmless… Continue reading