Media Releases by Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Awards capture the Australian can do spirit

Australians are renowned for their capacity to ‘have a go’ and pull together to get things done, particularly in adversity. We would never have survived and prospered on this continent without it. The Can Do Community Awards will recognise communities… Continue reading

Poultry plant swoop plucks 29 undeclared incomes

Today Centrelink cancelled 12 Newstart Allowance payments and a further 17 customers had their welfare entitlements suspended pending investigation following a raid on a poultry plant in South Australia. The joint operation was headed by Centrelink with the Australian Federal… Continue reading

Commonwealth puts extra disability funding on the table

The Commonwealth recognizes the need for increased accommodation services and is determined to see this need catered for. The CSTDA streamlines management and administration responsibility with the Commonwealth looking after employment services and the States, other specialist services, and in… Continue reading

The Need for Disability Reform

Reform of the Disability Support Pension is long overdue. Just about everybody recognises the importance of a sustainable and fair income support system for people who cannot work because of their disabilities. Labor and the Democrats, however, want to run… Continue reading

Launch of the Personal Support Programme

Today’s launch of the Howard Government’s new Personal Support Programme is the biggest ever increase in services to help people who have serious personal issues that stop them from getting work. Starting on 1 July, the Personal Support Programme will… Continue reading

A New Voice for Rural Women

The National Rural Women’s Alliance has won the tender to establish the National Rural Women’s Secretariat. This initiative will give women living in rural and regional Australia a stronger representative voice. This important decision was jointly delivered today by the… Continue reading

Funding Boost to Commonwealth Disability Services

The Howard Government will provide additional support to the disability sector by making a one-off payment to all of the 950 disability services across Australia that are funded by the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth provides funding to organisations that offer employment… Continue reading

Women 2002 – A Centenary Of Women’s Suffrage

Today’s release of Women 2002is a special Centenary of Women’s Suffrage issue. Not only does this annual publication provide the latest information about Australian women, it offers fascinating glimpses of the lives of women a century ago. Women 2002 clearly… Continue reading

Pension boost from 1 July

Around 820,000 Australians currently receiving less than the maximum rate of the pension are expected to get a boost to their payments from the beginning of the financial year. This change, the result of the annual indexation of the social… Continue reading

Four Month Extension of Current Disability Agreement

The current Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement is due to expire on 30 June 2002. The Commonwealth is presently in negotiations with the States and Territories to formulate the next agreement and within that to settle on new transparent accountability… Continue reading

Centenary of Women’s Suffrage

Today marks the one hundred year anniversary of women in Australia being granted the right to vote and stand in Federal elections. On such an important day, all Australians should celebrate this achievement and reflect on how it has changed… Continue reading

Specialised help for our most vulnerable

Today I am pleased to announce the 144 organisations that will deliver the new Personal Support Programme (PSP) from July 2002 (see attachment). By 2005 this new programme will have helped over 70,000 vulnerable Australians overcome their significant barriers to… Continue reading

UK High Court decision lets down pensioners

I am very disappointed with the United Kingdom High Court’s decision that the refusal to pay indexed pensions into countries such as Australia was lawful. The Australian Government still believes the UK’s policy is discriminatory. We will continue to pursue… Continue reading

Government Invests in Keeping Families Together

Thousands of families, particularly those in rural and regional Australia, will benefit from more than $5 million of investment in relationship services over the next financial year. This funding is an investment in two initiatives that seek to strengthen vital… Continue reading