Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

1999 Census Of Child Care Services Released

Acting Minister for Family and Community Services, Larry Anthony today released data from the most comprehensive collection of information on childcare services in Australia, the 1999 Census of Child Care Services.

“The census includes information about ten childcare service types funded under the Commonwealth’s Childcare Program, covering around 8000 services providing care for over 577,000 children,” Mr Anthony said.

The key findings from the census show:

  • The number of children using Commonwealth funded child care has increased by about 50,000 over the number in the 1996/97 census.
  • The rate of fee increases has slowed to about half the rate experienced under Labor.
  • More families are using child care for work related purposes. About 90% of families using long day care services are doing so for work related reasons.

Mr Anthony said that the findings clearly demonstrate the positive impacts of the Coalition Government’s child care policies.

“Preliminary results from the census also played a major role in the formulation of the Government’s new Child Care Benefit.

“From 1 July 2000, the Government will introduce substantial reforms to family assistance as part of our tax reform package.

“Tax reform will provide all families with extra income to meet the costs of raising children and the Child Care Benefit will actually reduce the cost of care for most families.”

Mr Anthony said that low and middle-income families using Commonwealth approved childcare would receive greater fee reductions under the new arrangements.

“This will mean that childcare will become more affordable for many Australian families and importantly, childcare costs will also be GST free” Mr Anthony said.

Results of the Census, including package of summary tables are available by calling (toll free) 1800 500 584. A comprehensive list of available tables is attached.

Attachment A

All tables are by type of service for each State, Territory and Australia, 1999

Service types covered by the 1999 Census of Child Care Services are; Community Based Long Day Care Centres, Private Long Day Care Centres, Family Day Care Schemes, Outside School Hours Care Services, Vacation Care Services, Occasional Care Services, Multifunctional Children’s Services, Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Services, Mobile and Toy Libraries and Aboriginal Playgroups and Enrichment Programs.

Tables published in the 1999 Census of Child Care Services are in line with those in the 1996/1997 Census publication.

For Long Day Care Centres (Community Based and Private), the following is a comprehensive list of published tables.

Service Information

  • Weeks of operation per year
  • Hours of operation per day
  • Average weekly fees
  • Fees – 1 year olds
  • Fees – 2 year olds
  • Fees – 3 year olds
  • Vacancies

Child Information

  • Number of families with children in care
  • Ages of children
  • Attendance hours
  • Paid hours
  • Attend school
  • Employment details of parent/guardian
  • Additional needs children
  • Assessed Incomes

Staff Information

  • Employment status
  • Qualifications
  • In-service Training
  • Major type of work
  • Hours worked in reference week

A range of tables that are relevant to the operation of each other service type will also be published.