Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Donations to Playgroups to be Tax Deductible

Joint Media Release with:

  • Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer

 In addition to the tax exempt status that playgroups already enjoy, from today Playgroup Australia and its affiliated state associations will also be granted deductible gift recipient status, Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, Senator Helen Coonan, and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, announced today.

“In recognition of the significant and valuable contribution that playgroups make to the local community, from today gifts of $2 or more made to Playgroups Australia will be tax deductible,” Senator Coonan said.

“Playgroups make a significant contribution to the community which extends beyond a mere meeting group for parents and their children,” Senator Coonan said.

“Participation in a playgroup enables a child to develop vital social skills in preparation for pre-school.

“Playgroups facilitate better interaction between both children and adults and provide a public, low-cost facility to assist small children who may be otherwise socially isolated and disadvantaged because of disability or low socio-economic status.

“Deductible Gift Recipient status will enable playgroups in Australia to continue their good work.”

Minister Anthony welcomed today’s announcement.

“Playgroups provide a great support network to parents who choose to care for young children at home,” he said.

“What young children learn – their behaviours, how to communicate, and how they relate to others, can really affect the quality and happiness of their lives, later on.

“Children can learn these important life skills by participating with their parents in a playgroup.

“They also enable parents and carers to share their own experiences and information about how to get the support they need for the task of providing their children with the best possible start in life.”

Legislation to give effect to this announcement will be introduced as soon as practicable. Taxpayers should ensure they get a receipt for their donation.