Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Swan misleads again

¬†Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, Wayne Swan’s statement today that advice was rushed onto the Family Assistance Office website is wrong.

Advice was in fact placed on the website in June 2004.

This is timely as families are looking at their income for the last financial year as tax time approaches. As they do this, families inform the Family Assistance Office of their estimates for this financial year.

Wayne Swan, the Master of Misinformation, is ‘none-from-three’ today. His other gaffes today alone include:

  • Saying that Centrelink has cut 5,000 staff. Simply not true, Mr Swan.
  • Starting another scare campaign on the number of pay weeks this year. Simply more misinformation.
  • Stating 700,000 families could be effected by the number of pay-days this year. Another number Mr Swan’s plucked from the air.

Also, in a staggering backflip, Mr Swan is advocating for more Government advertising. This is in stark contradiction to his position just a few days ago.