Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Government already has $4.4 million mentoring program

Mark Latham has again failed to acknowledge the Coalition Government as his inspiration for his Party’s new children and youth policies, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony said today.

“The fact is the Coalition Government already has a $4.4 million youth mentoring program that is engaging young people with people in business, schools and communities through the Mentor Marketplace program.

“However, there is a big difference between the Coalition Government and Labor’s approach to providing this service. The Coalition Government strongly believes in the capacity of local communities to know what is best for them. That is why we support grassroots community projects.

“Latham’s approach is based on his belief that a Labor Government knows what is best and they will impose broad national projects on communities from Canberra.

“Communities do not want or need a nanny to tell them what is best. They want local solutions to local problems and the Coalition Government is delivering them the tools to take control of their own destinies.”

Mentor Marketplace funding has already gone to 15 organisations:

  • Smith Family – $150,000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – $676,000
  • CREATE Foundation – $497,000
  • Integrated Family and Youth Services Inc QLD – $116,000
  • Downs Industry Schools Co-operative QLD – $167,000
  • The Baptist Union of Queensland – $58,000
  • Youth Off The Streets NSW – $150,000
  • Big Hart Incorporated National – $146,000
  • Hunter Star Foundation Inc NSW – $150,000
  • Whitelion VIC – $150,000
  • Migrant Resource Centre SA – $67,000
  • Flinders University SA – $136,000
  • Aboriginal Medical Services WA – $129,000
  • School Volunteer Program Inc WA – $245,000
  • The Gap Youth Centre Aboriginal Corporation NT – $155,000

“Yet again, Mark Latham and the ALP are well behind the eight-ball. Keep a watch out for their next ‘new’ policy announcement – chances are it’s already being done by the Coalition Government,” Mr Anthony said.