Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Next Phase of Child Care Funding Review

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, today announced the next important phase in the first ever comprehensive examination of the current funding arrangements for child care services with a forum to be held in Melbourne on 9-10 July.

“The forum will bring together about 40 individuals representing key stakeholder groups and follows a highly successful series of consultations across Australia. The emphasis of this phase shifts from capturing ideas, to shaping real options for the future,” Mr Anthony said.

“There has never been comprehensive and consultative assessment of child care funding and its overall direction and the aim of the redevelopment is to redesign funding arrangements to increase the focus on the needs of children and families.

“For the first time, the development of child care funding policy in this country is being informed by consultation with families, communities and service providers.

“The widespread consultations, that finished on 30 April this year, were very well received. Over 1200 people attended one of the 40 nationwide sessions and more than 570 written submissions were made.

“It is encouraging that there was such enthusiastic participation from all areas of children’s services, particularly Family Day Care representatives, and people from rural and regional Australia.”

Judy Radich, National President of the Australian Early Childhood Association has said, “I am looking forward to the forum as an opportunity for the sector as a whole to make a constructive contribution to the issues raised in this review, which was much needed.”

Jo Comans, of the National Family Day Care Council of Australia, has previously praised the transparency of the consultation process.

“In September last year I announced, that my department would examine the current funding for child care services and support services. This funding allocation is known as the Child Care Support Broadband and is distinct from the support Government provides through the Child Care Benefit payment.

“I am looking forward to the outcomes of the process to help inform me of the funding decisions that we will need to make to support the best outcomes for Australian families and children,” Mr Anthony said.