Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Collins drops another clanger

Shadow Minister for Children and Youth, Jacinta Collins has yet again displayed her complete lack of knowledge when it come to child care.

The Labor Party are having some problems with the question of history at the moment.

On the ABC’s 7.30 Report new Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, was particularly interested in looking back into Labor Party history regarding the US Alliance. In a complete 180 degree turn around he then stressed how important it was to look towards the future when asked to account for past inappropriate comments.

However Senator Collins has no sense of history at all. She has embarrassed herself again today by issuing a statement that said:

Today’s announcement is recognition of the problem that the Howard Government created through the establishment caps on child care places.

For Senator Collins information, we inherited the current system of restricting Outside School Hours Care and Family Day Care places from the previous Labor Government.

It seems that every statement Senator Collins issues is full of inaccuracies and mistakes. She really needs to find out how child care works before embarrassing herself again.