Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Collins an embarrassment

 Jacinta Collins has again demonstrated her complete lack of credibility when it comes to talking about child care.

In a statement today she said:

“The Prime Minister falsely claimed in Question Time today that under his Government the number of childcare places had increased.”

Is she seriously suggesting that child care places have not increased between 1996 to 2003?

For her information:

  • FACT 1: There are currently more than 500,000 Australian Government funded child care places, up by 194 000 since Government came to office.
  • FACT 2: There are over 2,000 more child care services than there were in June 1996.
  • FACT 3: There are now over 750,000 children in Australian Government funded child care places, up by around 190,000 children since we came to office.

Why has there been this increase? Because the Australian Government has spent, and continues to spend more on child care than any Labor government ever did. We have allocated a record $8 billion over 4 years to make quality child care more affordable.

Every time Senator Collins issues a statement, she embarrasses herself.

The new Opposition Leader, Mark Latham should really have a look at Senator Collins’ performance. Not only did she vote against him this morning, she is completely lost when it comes to children issues.