Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Helping Mirabel help grandparents

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony today announced Coalition Government funding for the printing and distribution of an additional 15,000 copies of The Mirabel Foundation booklet, When the children arrive …

“The booklet is an excellent source of information for grandparents who have full time caring responsibility of their grandchildren.

“It provides advice and reference for a range of legal, emotional and practical issues that are typically involved when grandparents find themselves in this situation.

“Grandparents often need additional support when they take caring responsibility of their grandchildren, particularly when this happens in sudden and traumatic circumstances.

“These grandparents do an amazing job and have a lot to offer their grandchildren in terms of wisdom, time and love. The Coalition Government recognises this and is committed to ensuring all Australian children get the best start in life

“The booklet has already been distributed to families associated with Mirabel. However, it has had a much wider appeal than anticipated. This funding will allow Mirabel to produce and distribute an additional 15,000 copies.

“The authors are to be congratulated for their work on this impressive publication as it is a very useful resource for any grandparent caring for children.

“The most effective way to assist children is through early intervention and prevention for families in the crucial early years of childhood. All levels of government – Federal, State and local – and the community have a vital role to play to ensure Australia’s children have a bright future,” Mr Anthony said.

The Mirabel Foundation provides advocacy, referral, research, practical and emotional assistance for children who have been orphaned or abandoned, due to parental illicit drug use, and their kinship carers.

For comment from The Mirabel Foundation, please contact Jane Rowe or Nicole Patton on telephone 03 9527 9422.