Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Simple Service Solutions for Young Australians

A new Coalition Government initiative to better link youth services was launched today, on International Youth Day, by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony.

Simple Service Solutions will provide a better youth services network through collaboration at all levels and with all stakeholders.

“The consistent feedback I have had from youth service providers is that they need better links between other services in the community and the programs they provide. Young people need to be able to easily access the services they require regardless of where they enter they system.

Simple Service Solutions is not a one size fits all approach. It is about making services for young people easier to find the right sort of help so they can move successfully to independence and self-reliance.

“Discussions have commenced between my department of Family and Community Services and other Commonwealth agencies to find ways to simplify their information and services for youth. We will then work with Government at all levels to ensure that our young people can access the services they need.

“We will also talk to community organisations about how they can deliver more opportunities to help young people as they move towards independence.

Simple Service Solutions will allow youth service providers to effectively deliver their existing programs and more time to focus on helping young people to make the most of their lives.

“Combining the skills, experience and commitment of different levels of Government and community organisations into Simple Service Solutions will be the way forward for young Australians in the years to come,” Mr Anthony said.