Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Congratulations to National Youth Week Talent Winners

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony today congratulated the winners of National Youth Week’s four national talent competitions.

“The competitions are a great way to uncover and showcase young talent in the areas of music (RockIT), writing (WriteIT), filmmaking (ShootIT) and digital design (DesignIT). The winners were decided by popular vote at National Youth Week’s official website and were announced last night on ABC’s Triple J.

“The competitions are extremely popular. Around1,000 entries were shortlisted by panels of industry experts to just over 70 finalists across the two age categories (12 to 17 and 18 to 25 years).

The winners were:


  • 12-17 yrs – Ermintrude
  • 18-25 yrs – Harry Wears Trousers


  • 12-17 yrs – Jessica Tyrrell
  • 18-25 yrs – Andrew Quaile and Paul Lee-Archer


  • 12-17 yrs – Alvin de Castro
  • 18-25 yrs – Sean Torstensson


  • 12-17 yrs – Alex Wilcox
  • 18-25 yrs -David Chin

“The standard of the entries was staggering, there are so many talented young Australians out there. I congratulate the winners and all entrants for their courage to have a go and following the things that they feel passionate about.

“I thank the sponsors of the categories for the their support. TV HITS, SAE College, Studios 301 and 301 Records, if magazine, FLY TV, Adobe Systems, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Pan Macmillan Australia and the Tax Office deserve recognition for their support of Australia’s youth,” Mr Anthony said.

Winning entries can be seen at the National Youth Week website.