Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Youth allowance a success

More young people are participating in study or training as a direct result of the Coalition Government’s Youth Allowance payment, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, said today.

Mr Anthony was speaking at the launch of the Youth Allowance Evaluation Final Report and Summaries of Survey Findings report. The reports outline the findings of a comprehensive three-year evaluation of the Youth Allowance payment.

“People under 18 year old receiving Youth Allowance are required to be in full time education and training to be eligible for the payment. This requirement has led to a sustained increase in education retention rates.

“The payment was a key factor in the post-school study plans of Youth Allowance recipients.

Key findings include:

  • 48 per cent of those planning to go to university and 38 percent TAFE students said access to the payment was an important factor in their decision to go on to further study.
  • Of those on income support in 1999, 84 per cent were involved in some form of study or training compared to 59 per cent in 1994.
  • Data from the first year after Youth Allowance was introduced shows that 10,000 more young people aged 16-17 years stayed in education. This is a trend that has continued.
  • Young people who were living at home with their parents were more likely to stay at school in the next year than those who did not.

“In November 2001, more than 385,000 young people were receiving Youth Allowance.
79 per cent were full time students.”

Mr Anthony said the introduction of Rent Assistance to those receiving Youth Allowance had also been another excellent Coalition Government incentive for young people.

“Around two thirds of students receiving Rent Assistance said that it helped them to continue with their studies. 75 per cent of students from rural and remote areas nominated Rent Assistance as a factor in their decision to undertake further study.

“The Coalition’s support for students and young people has helped increasing numbers to make the most of their skills through further training and education. This is good news for our country’s future,” Mr Anthony said.