Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Anthony launches kids CD

A new CD and resource kit that will help families through play and music was launched today by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony.

“I know people will be disappointed when they find out that I have not made my recording debut on the Sing & Grow CD. However, I can assure them it is for the best.

“The Sing & Grow program is an Early Intervention Parenting Project which has been operating for over a year through the Playgroup Association of Queensland in partnership with the University of Queensland.

“A CD and resource kit has been developed to accompany the Sing & Grow program so that families who would not normally be able to access this great resource can at home. Also, around 400 families will be able to access this service through 40 programs conducted in South-East Queensland.

“This CD and resource kit will help many Queensland families to improve their social and developmental skills. The portability of this resource is particularly important for those families living in rural and remote areas, indigenous families and those from multi-cultural backgrounds.

“Federal Government funding of $230,000 has been committed to the Sing & Grow project over two years to provide positive parenting experiences for young Queensland families through weekly music therapy sessions.

“Research tells us that music is a great tool parents can use to play and interact with their children. It helps children to develop in their early years and creates a stronger bond within the family.

“This project will help to support and strengthen parenting roles and contribute to the development and well being of children in their early years. Families that have already sampled the CD have said that it is a wonderful resource that encourages positive interactions and learning opportunities.

“Being a parent of a young family, I know how much fun children get out of music. Not only does a child’s development benefit from listening and dancing to music, most importantly it allows parent and their children to share more quality fun time together,” Mr Anthony said.