Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Interrelate celebrates 75 years

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, today congratulated Interrelate for 75 years of helping people improve their relationships.

“For over 75 years Interrelate has been assisting Australians and is now helping almost 100,000 individuals, couples, families, businesses and community organisations each year to communicate and resolve their relationship problems.

“They were far-sighted for the times and have adapted well to the changes in society over the last 75 years by coming up with new innovative ways of helping people. Interrelate has branched into the areas of counselling, training and mediation, providing services from 29 venues throughout NSW.

“The Coalition Government is pleased to work in partnership with Interrelate and that is why we are providing them with over $2.2 million to assist them with their important work.

“Like Interrelate the Coalition Government is particularly focussed on supporting families and individuals to develop and maintain safe, supportive and nurturing family relationships.

“At a time when we are seeing two in every five marriages break up, services such as Interrelate are needed now more than ever.

“Unfortunately many people are not putting the amount of time and effort into their relationship to make them last. Pressure on people with work and the stresses of daily life can take its toll on relationships and family.

“I find it interesting that Interrelate started out in 1926 as the Father and Son Movement. With renewed focus on men and boys, I believe there is a strong argument for Interrelate to consider returning to its roots.

“Interrelate has been doing a great job to help people deal with the demands placed on them for the past 75 years. I wish them continued success for the next 75 years,” Mr Anthony said.