Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Salvos information for a safe summer

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, today congratulated the Salvation Army for developing a free information booklet for teenagers highlighting the dangers of drugs and binge drinking.

“With the end of the school year and Schoolies Week coming up soon, this booklet will be a timely guide for teenagers and their parents.

“Many young people who have finished Year 12 will soon flock to the Gold Coast and other coastal areas to unwind and celebrate. Young people are vulnerable to images and behaviour around them. Peer pressure plays a big role, particularly in an atmosphere like Schoolies Week.

“Binge drinking is not simply a matter of having a big night out with mates and dealing with a hangover the next day. It can have serious immediate and long-term effects on a young persons health. Currently more than 3,700 people die from alcohol related disease and illness every year.

“Parents have a responsibility to ensure their teenagers know about the dangers of drinking excessively and using drugs. Often parents themselves are unaware of the dangers and I urge them to use the Salvation Army’s free booklet to inform themselves and their teenagers.

“Young people and their parents should also keep in mind that taking drugs and drinking underage is illegal.

“There is no doubt that drug and alcohol abuse is a real issue for the whole community. I congratulate the Salvation Army for this initiative and hope that all parents and teenagers make use of the booklet and have a safe Schoolies Week and summer holiday,” Mr Anthony said.