Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Centrelink – serving Australia’s youth

Centrelink’s new strategy to empower all young Australians to participate and achieve was launched last night by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony.

“For many young people, particularly during times of change or disruption, their contact with Centrelink is their first interaction with Government. Centrelink has a pivotal role in linking young people to the help and support they need across the whole range of services on offer.

“The Youth Servicing Strategy will generate a more consistent and holistic approach to delivering services to more than 400,000 young Centrelink customers.

“The early intervention and prevention approach will ensure better short and long term help particularly for young people at risk, indigenous young people, young people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and young people from rural and remote areas.”

The Strategy will provide a national framework focusing on:

  • Easy access to Centrelink information and services;
  • Tailored service delivery to the needs of young people, and;
  • Centrelink working in partnership with all levels of Government and community to achieve better results for young people

“Many projects and initiatives are already underway and more are to be put in place over the coming months. Centrelink has been working to provide individualised services for young people and fostering collaborative partnerships within the youth service sector.

“One example is in south west Sydney where 11 high schools are participating in a Positive Attendance Project. The project focuses on students receiving Youth Allowance and at risk of leaving school due to their poor attendance. The student is required to attend a workshop and early results indicate significant reductions in absenteeism.

“Another example is the permanent presence Centrelink maintains on several university campuses. This makes service more convenient for customers and more efficient and effective for Centrelink.

“The Strategy is a response to recommendations outlined in the Report of the Prime Minister’s Youth Pathways Action Plan Taskforce, Footprints to the Future.

“Centrelink’s Youth Servicing Strategy is another example of the Coalition Government’s commitment to providing excellent customer service,” Mr Anthony said.