Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Centrelink to stay in South Melbourne

Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony today announced an extension of the current lease of the Centrelink premises in South Melbourne.

Mr Anthony said following lengthy negotiations at his direction, the lease has been extended for another eighteen months while new custom-made premises are prepared in the area.

“This decision has been heavily influenced by Liberal Candidate for Melbourne Ports, Andrew McLorinan, who has been directly lobbying for this outcome.

“The extension of this lease will mean that residents of South Melbourne will have uninterrupted access to Centrelink services and will not have to travel out of the immediate area to get to Centrelink.”

Mr Anthony also said market testing of new premises in South Melbourne closed today with Centrelink now considering future options.

“I can assure all residents that Centrelink will not be moving out of South Melbourne.”

Mr Anthony said he is delighted with this outcome which is beneficial to all.