Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Solutions for Australia’s youth

A new book of case studies, launched today by Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony, has underlined the importance of developing flexible early intervention and prevention strategies for young people at risk.

Speaking at the launch of the Youth Activities Services and Family Liaison Workers Good Practice Forums report, Mr Anthony said local solutions were essential to meet the challenges faced by young Australians.

“Young people face many pressures and in order to help them, we need to provide services which are flexible, effective and relevant to the wide range of circumstances young people and their families find themselves in.

“We believe that it is much better to work with communities and young people to identify solutions and fix problems before they occur.

“Youth Activities Services (YAS) and Family Liaison Workers (FLW) programs have been hugely successful because they give young people alternative activities and encouragement, helping them to relate to their families while boosting self esteem, confidence, and communications skills.

“The 26 case studies in this report demonstrate the full range of creative and innovative approaches taken by the services.

“The Coalition Government has invested over $6 million this financial year in 93 YAS and 83 FLW projects across Australia.

“This new report provides numerous examples of the YAS and FLW programs listening to and meeting the needs of young Australians.

“For example, a local Youth Activities Service in Byron Bay established Home Cooked, a project which gave young women the opportunity to learn about and participate in the music industry.

“The Home Cooked project was initiated by the young women themselves, and helped them work towards goals and increase their confidence and self-esteem.”

“We recognise our young people represent Australia’s future and we will continue to invest in youth to give them the best possible opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and family relationships,” Mr Anthony said.