Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Community Internet site

Australians will have convenient access to community and family related information with the launch today of an online ‘one-stop-shop’.

Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony said that the internet site includes links to over 1200 reviewed sites, featuring content provided by non-government organisations, individuals and all levels of government.

“This site will help build stronger community links and give families, community groups and individuals throughout Australia access to comprehensive and reliable information on a range of community topics.

“By going to, people can specifically search for information relevant to their own state, city or region.

“Topics covered on the site include relationship support, environment, health, teenage issues, financial, work, disabilities, multicultural, education, parenting, crisis, housing, political, seniors, women, men and indigenous.

“So whether a community group is looking for help with fundraising techniques, a parent wants information about child care, or an older person is interested in finding out about the Government concessions and support available to them, it can all be found through the one central site.”

Mr Anthony said was developed as part of the Family and Community Networks Initiative (FCNI) and will be administered by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services.

“The FCNI is a four-year pilot funded through the Federal Government’s $240 million Stronger Families and Communities Strategy and is aimed at developing the capacity of families and communities to respond effectively to personal and local issues.

“Through initiatives such as, we’re helping to improve access to information and services which are of real relevance to Australian families, communities and community-based organisations,” Mr Anthony said