Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Recognising Dads

It is fitting that this year’s theme for National Child Protection Week is Being a Father is the Most Important Job You’ll Ever Do

Fathers Day and National Child Protection Week, which begins tomorrow, is a great opportunity to remind families and communities about the important role that fathers should play in their child’s life, Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony said today.

“Fathers can be nurturers, providers, teachers, role models and friends to their children. The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) sponsored National Child Protection Week this year is about celebrating these roles and recognising that involved fathers bring huge benefits to their children’s happiness, health and wellbeing.”

Helping to reinforce this message is a national campaign supported by a huge range of local community events including parenting seminars, professional training workshops and family fun events like Dad’s picnics.

“The Coalition Government had provided $200,000 to NAPCAN in support of the week. This annual week dedicated to focussing attention on the issues of child abuse and neglect and the importance of positive parenting.

“We want all children to grow up in a safe and loving environment. I am proud to be able to lend support to such a worthwhile cause.

“The Federal Government also supports fathers through the $18 million Men and Family Relationships Initiative, which funds 54 projects across the country to help men manage a range of relationship difficulties with partners and ex-partners, children and step-children.”

This initiative also includes the recently announced Men’s Line Australia, a national telephone counselling service for men and fathers that will be running from October.

“The recently established Australian Council of Children and Parenting, chaired by Mrs Rosemary Sinclair is an important source of advice to me on issues relating to parenting and child abuse and neglect.

“For too long dads have been stereotyped as just the breadwinner, but the reality is that fathers play a vital role in the upbringing of their children and their influence on how their kids will grow up is enormous.

“That is why the Coalition Government will continue to invest in services and initiatives that support dads and help them to be the best parent they can possibly be,” Mr Anthony said.