Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Helping parents teach science

Parents today received a useful guide to help them deal with their child’s thirst for knowledge.

At today’s launch of the Australian Early Childhood Association (AECA) publication I Want the Know…? Learning about Science, Federal Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony commended the book for its practical approach to teaching science.

“Children’s questions are usually complex and for adults, the answers are not always easy. Learning about Science shows parents, teachers and carers how children can come up with the answers themselves.

“It also shows that finding out about science can be fun.

“The Federal Government is proud to support AECA for the work they do for Australian families and children.

“They have advocated for many years that attention to early childhood development can produce significantly better results for children as they grow up.

“The evidence shows that early childhood experiences – what children learn, their behaviours, how to communicate, and how they relate to others – can have an ongoing impact on their lives and on the communities they live in.

“The Coalition Government recognises this and has been a firm supporter of programs for children in their early years,” Mr Anthony said.