Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Supporting Canberra’s young carers

Young carers in Canberra will benefit from the Supporting Young Carers and Their Families project, which was officially launched today by Federal Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony.

“The Federal Government has approved $118,000 in funding for the project under the Family and Community Network Initiative. Young carers will be able to access training and information about local support organisations and services and build networks within the community.

“A recent survey in ACT schools showed that as many as 12 per cent of high school aged children self-identify as young carers. These young people take on an enormous amount of responsibility for their age and often miss out on normal social activities.

“The Supporting Young Carers and Their Families project will be run by Marymead Child and Family Centre. It includes leadership training and professional development programs for young carers, as well as assistance with recreational activities.

“A guide to services for young carers will be also published with information on support agencies, emergency contacts, Government Departments, schools and education.

“Young carers take on the role of looking after others – but it is equally important that we look after young carers and provide them with the support and resources they need.

“Importantly, the Marymead Child and Family Centre will work with a range of local support groups, community organisations, Government and schools to develop comprehensive strategies to assist young carers.

“A key part of the project will also involve informing local support agencies and government bodies about the specific needs of young carers and their families.

“Innovative projects such as these which target local issues in relevant ways are clear evidence of the Coalition Government’s commitment to creating strong and supportive communities throughout Australia,” Mr Anthony said.