Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Anthony latest cane toad recruit

It is not often a cockroach turns cane toad but it happened in Chermside today when Community Services Minister Larry Anthony became a cane toad for the day – all in the interests of Australia’s paralympians.

Mr Anthony joined Queensland Paralympic Committee Executive Officer, Gerrard Gosens and staff from Chermside Centrelink office in a “Dress for Success” sports theme day to launch the initiative during Paralympic Week and is expected to raise thousands.

“As a patriotic New South Welshman, this is very hard to do. I admit to cheering for the Blues in the fiercely contested cross-border clashes. With Queensland winning the series this year makes it doubly hard.

“However, this is a great cause. Australia’s paralympians are role models. Their performance in the Paralympics, particularly in Sydney last year is truly inspirational.

“This was just one of many activities Centrelink has undertaken to support local community endeavours,” Mr Anthony said.

Mr Gosens said he hoped other organisations would follow Centrelink’s example.

“Many people don’t realise that to prepare for Athens, our athletes also compete at the World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Salt Lake City Winter Paralympic Games.

“It’s critical that the community support these efforts as there are no cash incentives or rewards for these truly amateur athletes. It’s great to see Centrelink get behind us in such a big way and we’d like to see other organisations do the same,” Mr Gosens said.