Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Labor’s Hypocrisy On Breach Penalties

Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony today in Parliament exposed Labor’s hypocrisy on welfare breach policies.

When asked about breaching young people who have not upheld their mutual obligation, Mr Anthony told the Parliament the current system is far fairer than that presided over by Labor.

Mr Anthony said last year around 9,500 people lost their payment for not fulfilling their obligations. Under Labor 86,500 people lost their payment in 1995/96.

“It is just outrageous (for Labor) to show this affected compassion when the breaching regime the Australian Labor Party had in place when they were in government was far more severe,” Mr Anthony told the house.

Mr Anthony said Labor was being hypocritical after supporting the change to the current breaching requirements.

Labor Senator for NSW John Faulkner told the Senate in June 1997 that the Coalition’s changes introduced ‘a much more reasonable penalty regime’.

“You supported this legislation in the senate, so what you say and what you do are two different things and the Australian Public knows that,” said Mr Anthony.