Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Get It Right Wayne – Or Leave It Alone!

“How many times can Wayne Swan get it wrong and maintain any shred of credibility?” Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony asked today.

“Rampaging Wayne has again plainly demonstrated his lack of understanding of how this Government has compensated older Australians for the GST. Either that or he is deliberately trying to mislead them.

“The Government was very clear. We told pensioners they would receive a 2 per cent real increase and a 2 per cent advance on their pension on July 1 2000.

“Labor never compensated older Australians when they increased Wholesales Sales Tax.

“No pensions will be cut on 20 March 2001. Pensioners will see a further increase of $7.90 for singles and $13.20 for couples to ensure pensions stay ahead of increases in the cost of living.

“This means since 1 July 2000 pensions have gone up 7.7 per cent. Single pensioners have received a total increase of $30 and couples an increase of $50 a fortnight.

“Over 2 million people have received an Aged Persons Savings Bonus. This has provided further compensation – something Labor never did.

“This Government has demonstrated its commitment to older Australians. Labor’s history speaks for itself.

“As for Mr Swan, his lack of regard for the truth and for older Australians is shameful,” Mr Anthony said.