Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Men need help

The Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony today told a two-day Partnerships in Progress forum about men and relationships that 65 per cent of women are more likely to instigate separation than men.

“Separated men have a suicide rate around six times greater than married men, and about 12 times greater than separated women,” Mr Anthony said.

“That is why we are specifically targeting men through the Coalition Government’s $16.5 million Men and Family Relationships initiative.

“We are trialing 54 programs throughout Australia targeted to help men manage relationships with partners, ex-partners, children and step children and help organisations develop more sensitive and responsive approaches to working with male clients.

“Also on trial is a separated men’s program developed by the private sector called MENDS.

“This 12-week program includes information about child support and family law matters, and provides help with emotional issues like anger and grief.

“It’s all about prevention. If we help men, then we help women, but more importantly we help children.

“We want men to be involved in their children’s lives because it is important that children experience both fathers and mothers as role models,” said Mr Anthony.