Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Focussed on work

“Howard-Anderson Government policies that put the focus on the unemployed finding work and preparing them for those jobs mean more people are leaving the unemployment queue,” Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony said today.

“The first three months of Preparing for Work Agreements have proved the value of keeping job seekers informed of their obligations and even more focussed on finding work,” said Mr Anthony.

Fewer people received Newstart Allowance in September than in the last nine years, falling by 12.5 per cent since January 2000 (642,816 in January 2000 to 561,977 September 2000).

“The Coalition Government has created more than 802,800 jobs since coming into office and the unemployment rate is at its lowest for a decade – 6.3 per cent (in September 2000) and forecast to fall to 6.25 per cent by this time next year,” said Mr Anthony.

“The Preparing for Work programme started in October 1999, and helps ensure only genuine job seekers receive assistance.”

Preparing for Work helps job seekers get their focus right by:

  • finding out how Centrelink can help;
  • agreeing on activities the job seeker will undertake to find work;
  • referring job seekers to programmes that will help improve their chances of finding work;
  • the same Centrelink officer regularly reviewing the job seeker’s progress

“This Government’s policies are working, creating jobs and helping the unemployed start working,” said Mr Anthony.